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make a vibrant noise, of grasshoppers or cicadas

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She has learned to find the moments when the chorus stills vaguely ominous, suggestive of a creature passing whose presence puts every chirping, chirring organism on alert.
The team coaches, Bal Gopal Maharjan of Three Star and Manang's Chirring Lopsang, slammed ANFA security.
5-liter, 168-hp in-line four (the same as in the Mazda3) twisting the half-shafts with 166 pound-feet of torque and purring and chirring through alloy-trimmed dual exhaust ports integrated into the rear bodywork.
Three different choirs make tonight's cantata--peeping, scraping and chirring.
This said, Barack Obama, seems to represent the synthesis between the two position (neo-con and neo-liberal), has some culpability in fostering this election season's ethos of "colorblindness"--or as some are triumphantly chirring the arrival of "post-racial" USA.
They swarmed up like bats, chirring and fluttering around his head.
The chirring cicadas now cling to the trees-wildgeese take wing south.
But challenges sing in the sway of treetops, in the flutter of sparrows, in chirring and stalking, in waking and ripening - let there be light enough, and everywhere backbone stiffens in saplings and clover.
Rich with beauty, like a summer field under a full moon, silver light and grey shadows, grasses bowing under breaths of air, fireflies winking, the chirring of crickets, movement and stillness in one--
The sea is far out, miles out it seems, so, somewhere at the edge of it, where the sand stops and the waves begin, the submerged clanking apparatus of the tides is chirring into its old slow motion.