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make a vibrant noise, of grasshoppers or cicadas

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I heard a faint chirr from a small, feathered friend shifting in her nest in the old pine tree.
I've come through Sun Valley To sit beside your rock and your greening bust Above the Big Lost River Where sage and bitterbush and broom Have held their own, where the cicadas Chirr through the cottonwoods in the dead of summer.
Today, people encounter only a soothing silence broken by a constant breeze and the chirr of insect wings.
There are seven cases of o-words in the English corpus, which do not contain stops but contain affricates: chuff, jar, smooch, munch, choo choo, chirr and achoo.
O-words containing affricates (not containing stops) achoo chirr chuff jar choochoo munch smooch 2.
Just outside, many decades of phenomena passing with the chirr of locusts and the rapid vibration of the fly's lace wings.
Locusts chirr in every field, a brassy electric sound that Dopplers oddly inside the speeding car.
Like the whirr of a fan or the chirr of crickets, the stop-and-go of a mail truck working its way up the street, and the snap of the mailbox lid at your house, are part of the background noise of this nation.
or not, this series of small flutters, light chirrs in my suitcase
From time to time, a toad-headed lizard (Phrynocephalus versicolor) or a ground jay (Podoces hendersonii) appears, while a noisy wingless grasshopper of the genus Damalacantha chirrs monotonously in unison with the wind.