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make a vibrant noise, of grasshoppers or cicadas

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Vocal repertoires of Willisornis populations include five principal vocal types: (1) loudsongs, (2) contact calls, (3) chirrs, (4) raspy series, and (5) other calls.
Calls other than contact calls, chirrs, and raspy series were relatively rarely recorded and, in most instances, the recordist did not clearly attribute the call to a Willisornis population.
The calls included raspy series and chirrs, and other calls, and are the only indication we had of the behavioral role of these vocalizations.
O-words containing affricates (not containing stops) achoo chirr chuff jar choochoo munch smooch 2.
Like the whirr of a fan or the chirr of crickets, the stop-and-go of a mail truck working its way up the street, and the snap of the mailbox lid at your house, are part of the background noise of this nation.
2E) than in the undisturbed chirr call (see below).
This was a deep chirr call (terms following Willis 1967, Zimmer and Isler 2003; Fig.
or not, this series of small flutters, light chirrs in my suitcase