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That chirpiness probably comes from the confidence that they have from playing so well.
Mind you, her chirpiness shut us up and she laughed and said she reckons 90 per cent of couples who come into DIY shops together come in the best of friends and leave annoyed.
It was a rare, uncharacteristic bout of happy-cheery 'hello birds, hello trees' chirpiness on my part which would soon have the stuffing royally kicked out of it.
Since CNBC has never been thought of as especially antibusiness, this double-whammy of institutionalized chirpiness could be bad news for short sellers everywhere.
Fidler is a clueless shlemiel whose salesman's chirpiness not only wins Vann over, but also helps him get by with the bad guys who mistake Andy for an internationally wanted arms buyer.
But Tel's famous chirpiness had - before yesterday - been absent as the slump on the pitch added to the gloom of a club still suffering from the fallout of the Bowyer-Woodgate trial.
Well, at least you've got to admire their chirpiness.
But it has a little bit of a tone of defiance and bravery and a chirpiness that I liked.
President Tim Fallon's wearying chirpiness sounds like a parakeet on speed.
Your chirpiness may get on someone's nerves, but if in doubt return to statement number one, On the 8th a New Moon reminds you of a promise made that if fulfilled could bring some magic your way.
After back-to-back Championships, wicketkeeper Mustard claims it is a commodity which has never been in short supply in the dressing room, though his voice betrays a little added chirpiness.
Meanwhile, Zoe is unnerved about Jordan's uncharacteristic chirpiness, he seems to have set his heart on fathering her babies, but Zoe can't bring herself to tell him that she can't have children.
The English teacher's chirpiness wavers when she recalls what she had to endure in the south London school over those two years.
Through chirpiness, precociousness or simply through winning, Coventry seem to have annoyed, amused, riled and rattled in spades in seven years.