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If chirpiness and boundless vigour are the staple requirements of children's TV, then it's little surprise Gethin was a Blue Peter presenter for three years, until his departure in June 2008.
Cecil is much more than just horses though and kindness, thoughtfulness and chirpiness, even in some recent dark days, have never left him.
Sally Hawkins' relentless chirpiness and Golden Globe weren't enough to squeeze her into the fiercely competitive lead actress category, where Kate Winslet took two nominations for "The Reader" and "Revolutionary Road.
That chirpiness probably comes from the confidence that they have from playing so well.
Mind you, her chirpiness shut us up and she laughed and said she reckons 90 per cent of couples who come into DIY shops together come in the best of friends and leave annoyed.
It was a rare, uncharacteristic bout of happy-cheery 'hello birds, hello trees' chirpiness on my part which would soon have the stuffing royally kicked out of it.
Since CNBC has never been thought of as especially antibusiness, this double-whammy of institutionalized chirpiness could be bad news for short sellers everywhere.
Margaret, still lurching from chirpiness to angst, thankfully took her marvellous gold earrings with her, along with the holy outrage she all too infrequently lets rip at the Censorship Board.
Fidler is a clueless shlemiel whose salesman's chirpiness not only wins Vann over, but also helps him get by with the bad guys who mistake Andy for an internationally wanted arms buyer.
But Tel's media-savvy chirpiness has been absent as the alarming slump on the pitch only added to the gloom of a club still suffering from the fallout of the Bowyer-Woodgate trial, among other things.
Well, at least you've got to admire their chirpiness.
But it has a little bit of a tone of defiance and bravery and a chirpiness that I liked.
In a light-hearted vein, in Australia, even today, girls are often referred to by men colloquially as "birds," presumably to denote their teasing chirpiness and sweetness of temper.
Afterwards, the mildmannered wideman tried to play the diplomat and stick to the party line that he is happy just to be in the Scotland set-up - but Anya showed a steely side that his natural chirpiness tends to mask.
Afterwards, the mild-- mannered wideman tried to play the diplomat and stick to the party line that he is happy just to be in the Scotland set-- up -- but Anya showed a steely side to his character that his natural chirpiness tends to mask.