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in a cheerfully buoyant manner


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Perched chirpily in a chair, however, is Claire Sweeney chatting away with Lica, the make-up artist, about the latest in lip glosses (Juicy Tubes still rule, apparently) before joining in the gleeful discussion (aka gossip) about whether J.
But by the sound of the rest of his party, who were chirpily relaying the story of their overnight delay to Roy Noble, they were in good spirits.
I'm going to get you up every morning and take you for a walk to get your brain working," I informed her chirpily, "that's why I'm taking a week off.
Frankie comes in on the runner-up and says chirpily to Mick Channon: "You can't blame the jockey
In her hazardous journey between first class and coach 'B' she will carry our more knee-cappings than a 1970s IRA unit - whilst chirpily asking you for the right change.
As of this week's episode, they're "moving house" oop north to Manchester, something everyone associated with the Beeb's relocation is saying chirpily through gritted teeth.
Gray, 25, who won the 2003 Players Championship, his solitary ranking event title, will answer to it, White having chirpily referred to Gray as Casper, that ghostly character of TV cartoon fame.
Can that really be Teresa Bishow on the front page of the June 2 issue of The Register-Guard chirpily gesturing at the newly dedicated portion of the Ridgeline Trail?
you ask, chirpily, between sucks on your sherbet fountain.
Playing back my dictaphone, I hear Nicole chirpily bellowing encouragement at me as I am rendered incapable of speech.
This is just one of many facts, chirpily delivered by host Anna Richardson, who also declares "It's good to talk about sex
Mark Keenan, the managing director of the chirpily named internet law firm Divorce-Online, is bracing his staff for the busiest January ever.
Ever since I first heard an umpire announce chirpily "right arm over", I just thought it was utter cobblers.
Yet when the Madrid hangovers cleared, Kevin Keegan was chirpily admitting: "McManaman's given me a problem.