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in a cheerfully buoyant manner


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She'll phone me chirpily in a year or two to tell me about her dog's eye surgery, picking up conversation as if we'd just spoken the week before.
Also a trip to the country is absolutely incomplete without a visit to the meditation centres," she added chirpily.
Now Sherry hops around the house like a baby bird noisily greeting the rosy dawn, chirpily urging her mother (in traumatic shock ever since her husband walked out) to get out of bed and her sister (in acute despair ever since her fiance called off their wedding) to give up the sofa.
I Am The Walrus, chirpily voiced by all three, supplied an electric opening to the second half of the performance, which dealt with Lennon''s love for Yoko and disenchantment with The Beatles.
The nasty-butdim public school types, the chirpily dumb workingclass jack-thelads, the go-getting girls desperate to prove they're tougher than the guys - even though they keep crying.
Lola chirpily sends him off with a kiss and exhortations to recite the Alcoholics Anonymous serenity prayer.
During the 2004 presidential campaign, it wasn't unusual to turn on the TV and encounter a twentysomething chirpily reporting what was happening out in the tres hip blogosphere.
That's precisely the push-pull affirmed so chirpily by the
Chirpily titled "(The World May Be) Fantastic," the thirteenth installment of the Sydney biennial homes in on the fanciful, with an eccentric lineup of artistic imagineers creating parallel worlds and fictitious scenarios.
Its heroine, a busty strawberry blond named Megan (Natasha Lyonne), is a chirpily femme young Christian whose sexuality becomes suspect when she is observed eating too much tofu and keeping pinups of pretty gals on her locker door.
It is, moreover, why we might well also feel a bit less chirpily optimistic than Kimmel's closing pages would like us to be about the emergence of a new multiculti paradigm of American masculinity, one "based more on our willingness to enlarge the arenas so that others may enter than our ability to shore up walls and fences to keep them out.
In her hazardous journey between first class and coach 'B' she will carry our more knee-cappings than a 1970s IRA unit - whilst chirpily asking you for the right change while doing so.
Fflur Wyn carries more authority than many a Giannetta (Adina's friend and companion) and Freddie Butterfield is Dulcamara's chirpily imitative young assistant.
Nucatola's insouciant attitude--as she chowed down while chirpily explaining how Planned Parenthood affiliates charge $30-100 for pre-ordered organs from a killed fetus, may put viewers off their own food.
Listen to this," I say chirpily, holding up the Daily Record and pointing to an article I've just been reading.