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nocturnal mouselike mammal with forelimbs modified to form membranous wings and anatomical adaptations for echolocation by which they navigate

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When treated with dilute acetic acid and screened, approximately 10 kg of this Coldspring conglomerate has yielded seven teeth of the cricetid rodent Copemys, a single tooth of a heteromyid rodent, and insectivore or chiropteran tooth fragments, along with fish teeth and fragments of larger vertebrate teeth and bones.
enterocolitica are frequently isolated from a variety of wild and domestic animals (5), but little is known about the occurrence of yersiniosis in free-ranging chiropteran species.
Based on our work, we present some concerns about the future conservation status of the chiropteran fauna of the island.
In the course of curating chiropterans housed in The Museum of Texas Tech University, the other two authors gathered similar information.
An unusual case of human rabies thought to be chiropteran origin.
-- A complete literature review revealed a paucity of information regarding chiropteran distribution and habitat along the southern coast of Texas.
Table I.- GPS coordinates of sampling sites explored for chiropteran diversity during present study.
This finding may suggest comparable evolutionary dynamics between chiropteran and avian reservoirs.
The light microscopic morphology of the accessory sex glands of chiroptera (Krutzsch, 2000) remains poorly known and only single report is available on the ultrastructure of the accessory sex glands of chiropteran bat, Artibeus planirostris (Puga et al., 2013).
The record of occurrence also increases the chiropteran and mammalian fauna of Honduras, highlighting not only the variety of habitats and potential for additional species in that country (e.g.
The Chiropteran hindlimb: functional, behavioral, and evolutionary correlates of morphology.
The chiropteran diversity of Pakistan is comparable to any other region with similar physiographic features.
In addition to the scarcity of studies of the local chiropteran fauna, most surveys have been conducted near the region's principal urban centers (LEAL et al., 2005).
Mensing, Putting Aeolus to Work Without the Death Toll: Federal Wind Farm Siting Guidelines Can Mitigate Avian and Chiropteran Mortality, 27 J.