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a therapist who practices chiropractic

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And, to help relieve or ease your suffering is where a good chiropractor comes into play.
Patient participant' age, sex, and duration of CLBP, and chiropractor participants' sex and years in practice were also collected.
Although text neck is not fatal, chiropractor Krista Revenberg pointed out that "it can lead to pain and chronic tissue tightness.
These recent users of chiropractic visited a chiropractor an average of 11 times during that time period.
By the chiropractor performing on specific targeted areas of the spine, the spinal vertebrae can be adjusted back to the normal positions.
The board used an April hearing into a complaint against Sherwood chiropractor Mark Varley to ask questions about the tactics of a runner whose pitch had fooled even an attorney.
A chiropractor you would visit in Utah undergoes widespread preparation, says Apgood.
Call your state's Board of Chiropractic Examiners (or comparable state agency) to find out if a chiropractor you're interested in seeing is licensed or has been the subject of any disciplinary action.
Chiropractors have a preventive strategy, maintenance care (MC), aimed towards minimizing recurrence and progression of such conditions.
Additionally, Sheehan's film doesn't quite scale beyond the chiropractor debate.
A TEESSIDE chiropractors is celebrating award success after being presented with the Clinical Management Quality Mark (CMQM) by the College of Chiropractors.
After a fierce fight, the state's leading physician groups won a change in legislation backed predominantly by Texas chiropractors that could have prevented one health care licensing agency from challenging the ruling of another in court.
Can you name a vitamin that is known to be very effective treating tuberculosis and leprosy, yet you as a chiropractor can't use it because when it is used that way, the medical doctors call it a drug?
A 57-YEAR-OLD who allegedly caused paralysis to an elderly man who subsequently died was not a qualified chiropractor and was not registered with the Cyprus Chiropractic Association (CCA), it emerged yesterday.
95 for a deposition was reasonable for a chiropractor and entered a contempt order against the chiropractor for refusing to comply with the court's discovery order.