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a method of treatment that manipulates body structures (especially the spine) to relieve low back pain or even headache or high blood pressure

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Allocation of research funding in Canada by the chiropractic profession is in a transitional period, particularly as the Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (CCRF) moves from funding research chairs, to funding research priorities through a competitive grant process.
Background: Konarski-Hart practices at the Konarski Chiropractic Clinic & Back Institute of Arkansas in Little Rock, which was founded in 1980.
Located at 936 B South Broadway in Pennsville, and sharing office space with Laury Heating, Gower Family Chiropractic is in close proximity to Pennsville, Salem, Quinton, Mannington, and Woodstown.
Chiropractic care company The Joint (NasdaqCM:JYNT) revealed on Friday the addition of Steven Knauf DC as senior director of its Chiropractic Operations for Arizona.
The 1,000-member WSCA is the only statewide association that represents the chiropractic profession in Washington state.
Doctors of chiropractic--commonly referred to as chiropractors or chiropractic physicians--use adjustments, joint manipulation and other techniques to normalize spinal and neural function, relieve various disorders and promote your body's natural healing process.
In conjunction with NCLC, hundreds of chiropractic physicians and chiropractic students from all over the country will travel to Washington to meet with their elected officials to discuss issues important to the profession as well as the millions of patients who rely on their services to stay healthy and pain free.
I often attended post graduate seminars with my father, and his chiropractic colleagues.
Affirming chiropractic health care's role in promoting health and preventing disease, the presidents of three chiropractic colleges in September announced they will immediately begin funding student memberships in APHA's Chiropractic Health Care Section.
The best use of chiropractic in your life is actually preventative instead of reactionary.
Veterans can receive chiropractic care at 26 selected VA facilities beginning this fall.
Experts have endorsed chiropractic as one of the most effective ways of treating such pain, discouraging traditional approaches of bed rest, medication, and surgery as counterproductive.
Twenty-seven workers at five San Fernando Valley massage, chiropractic or aromatherapy offices were charged Wednesday with prostitution-related charges, Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo announced.
The Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association, which represents about 1,500 chiropractors in Pennsylvania, filed suit in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, alleging that Independence and its subsidiaries improperly denied needed chiropractic care to subscribers to maximize profits, the association said in a statement.
Most people think of chiropractic as, at best, something good for back pains and, at worst, pure quackery.