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the branch of medicine concerned with the feet

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The site in Cloth Hall Chambers was renovated and renamed Huddersfield Chiropody.
My next Chiropody appointment with Hazel was the following week and one day before the appointment I rang Hazel to remind her of her appointment which she said she had not forgot
Services available to patients will include a new dental clinic and pharmacy, along with physiotherapy and chiropody clinics.
Gallons of waste poured through the ceiling of the chiropody unit at the brand new pounds 19.
Offers include reflexology, Indian head massage, mini facials, chiropody, baby massage from Neals Yard; mesotherapy treatments, skin analysis and hand peels from Face & Body Cosmetics; three-step eyes, lips, skin from Clarins Jenners; makeovers from Dior, Frasers West End; mini manicures from the Edinburgh Nail Factory; mini colour analysis from Renideo and demos and consultations from Charlie Miller to name but a few.
The last ten years have seen an increase in the rationing of NHS chiropody services and a restriction in the eligibility criteria so that only people with critical problems can get access.
They can specialise in many different fields, such as general chiropody and podiatry, paediatrics, biomechanics and diabetics.
Other programs that will be new to the centre are mammography (breast cancer screening and diagnostic mammography) and chiropody (foot care), as well as approved space for computed tomography (CT), with the intent to have a CT unit operational once the building is up.
Chief executive Andrew Goodsell said: 'The lack of NHS provision for dentistry, chiropody and chiropractic treatment has driven many people to go private.
He took part-time jobs while studying for a diploma from the British Chiropody Association in Maidenhead, Berkshire.
A TROUBLED chiropody school could be sued by its own students.
The offering includes basic and specialty dentistry, chiropody, such lifestyle services as nutritional and weight counseling, stress management, happy life skills, even a travel-related service center that advises people about to travel abroad what vaccinations they need -- then administers them.
I have spent time in the last months in a hospital chiropody clinic as we try to find ways to make walking on my arthritic feet less painful.