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a specialist in care for the feet

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She quickly discovered that being a chiropodist entailed being a counsellor too, as many patients would tell her their woes as she treated their feet.
As I whipped off my stiletto-heeled, pointy,black boots the chiropodist took one look and said: ``Well,I think your problem's definitely with your footwear.
Most Chiropodists take up a first post within the NHS and then move into private practice combined with NHS session work.
A chiropodist for 20 years, Sharon has also formed Heavenly Soles as a vehicle for another idea.
A chiropodist is dipping her toes into entrepreneurial waters beside the sea.
In the meantime, people wanting to visit a dentist or a chiropodist will have to see them in the portable building at the rear of the Joiners Arms pub, on the corner of Charles Gardner Road and Shrubland Street.
Having hired the help of everyone from faith-healers to fitness trainers, masseurs to mindbenders, dieticians to Mrs Drewery, kitmen to counsellors, even a reflexologist, the forward-thinking Hod has once again ensured only the best for his squad bypack ing his luvvies off to a chiropodist to get their feet fondled.
To keep feet healthy and ensure there are no underlying problems, get them checked by a chiropodist every six months.
HAVING just returned from a rare visit to my local medical clinic for a small problem and having been seen by a doctor, nurse, dietician, and chiropodist ( yes, a chiropodist
A chiropodist will be on hand and experts will be available to give advice.
Bethan Humphreys Riley treats a patient at her Back Pain Centre -which has been listed as a chiropodist practise in the Yellow Pages
CHIROPODIST Ann Scott is joining The Way of Life's Natural Health Centre team in Nuneaton.
As well as keeping up regular appointments with your chiropodist, I advise you to apply Calendula cream, as it is known to possess specific healing properties for a number of complaints including corns.
Mrs Hines said: "There was a lot of interest and people took away a lot of leaflets on how to become a doctor, a speech therapist and a chiropodist, while other customers were given information about nursing as a career.
THE first thing Elizabeth Tandy learned when she trained as a chiropodist was how to lose her sense of smell.