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a specialist in care for the feet

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She worked in Solihull after qualifying as a chiropodist when that type of work was run by Solihull Council, before it transferred to the NHS in the 1970s.
He says: 'For cracked skin, excessive dryness and in-grown toe nails, it is advisable to see a chiropodist.
So a voice that says "Sit back in your chair, Father" is issuing me advice for my health coinciding exactly with the voice of the chiropodist, but, much more importantly, is pressing me towards God's desire that I should trust God first and then let go.
By adding all podiatrists to our White Pages directory we enable consumers to remember only one number when searching for or communicating with their chiropodist providers.
The role of the Chiropodist in treating a patient with peripheral vascular disease should take into account working within the multidisciplinary health care team.
It's important this done by a registered podiatrist or chiropodist as methods used, such as freezing with liquid nitrogen, could cause scarring if used incorrectly.
The patient, who is in her 60s and from Pontypridd, alleged she was told to lie down when she usually sat in a chair for the chiropodist.
A CHIROPODIST has been told she can continue to run a small scale practice from her garage in the face of overwhelming objections from her neighbours.
Except when Ashley from Barnsley went to see a chiropodist because he had athlete's foot.
If I want somebody to cut my toenails I am referred to a chiropodist and am charged according to his/her title.
Other words incorrectly typed included orthodontist (many people wrote orthodontics), chiropodist (chiropidist) and restaurant (resturant).
CHIROPODIST Kate Waldren is making child's play of her foot therapy business.
One female student: 'I have been been promised a certificate at the end of the course - after passing the exams - stating that I was a chiropodist.