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telling fortunes by lines on the palm of the hand

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My favorite is Rule IX: "All books and writings dealing with geomancy, hydromancy, areomancy, pyromancy, oneiromancy, chiromancy, necromancy, or with sortilege, mixing of poisons, augury, auspices, sorcery, and magic arts are absolutely repudiated.
Grounded in the popularity of chiromancy in the nineteenth century, Godfrey proposes, "[t]he thematic imbrication of reading hands and writing hands further activated the Romantic confusion of the subject perceiving and the object perceived; for the same hand that might signify the object of reading simultaneously implicated the writing subject.
Cardano himself, indeed, explored many of the more traditional forms, including astrology, geomancy and chiromancy.
Especially the use of "practices and speculations" of alchemy, astrology or chiromancy in the constitution of the symbology underlying Maria de Franca's story, the purpose of which is to give it cosmic reverberations.
Charles Burnett discusses two divinatory texts, on chiromancy and onomancy, part of the original text and perhaps the earliest surviving ones of their kind in the West.
The author's observation that the relatively few works on moral philosophy mostly go back to Greek originals, as opposed to works in the pseudo-sciences, many of which come from Arabic, seems to be valid, although his characterization of subjects such as alchemy, astrology, physiognomy, and chiromancy as "so central to medieval Muslim culture" could be questioned.