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fortuneteller who predicts your future by the lines on your palms

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In "Chiromancer," characters are constantly revealed in new light: the native psychic and healer abuses women and is actually Italian; the knife-wielding intruder is the hero.
So how should we judge Montaigne's approach when, in order to discredit astrology and human reason, he uses an argument which in fact asks us to admit the validity of the practices of "those who tell us tall stories, such as alchemists and those who make prognostications: judicial, astrologers, chiromancers, doctors and 'id genus omne'" (The Complete Essays 242)?
Kieckhefer (1989: 1997) provides in-depth studies of various instances of scientific, philosophical, and moralist attempts to tackle the question of magic, yet its female practitioners were invariably called witches or magicians, and the stories of the prosecution of those meddling with magic give the names of witches, sorcerers, necromancers, leeches, divinators, demonologists, astrologers, or chiromancers, yet the concept of the enchantress seems to be reserved to, or at least strongly claimed by, literary texts.