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beautiful handwriting

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The issue is not, strictly speaking, a matter of technology: Our notion of "technological" is history-based, but, upon further reflection, chirography also requires technology, whether paintbrush, stage, pen, chisel, flute, or violin.
After all, the point is not whether Lewis Miles signed his own initials or even if he had any part in the construction of the object, but that the hand that inscribes bears the assurance of consistency (in chirography and vernacular style across a number of the "Dave" inscriptions) such that the writing itself becomes another kind of signature, whose referent is not so much a person as it is a spatial and temporal presence in the absence of personhood.
It seemed a long time that the poet consumed in adjusting his glasses and scanning the chirography of the superscription, and whole eras winged their way into eternity while he deliberately and nicely cut open the end and extracted the contents.
Beauty may well be in the eye of the beholder; but it is a beholder whose eye may have been partly programmed by his or her capacity to engage with the technologies of chirography and print.
Unconsciously my chirography expands into placard capitals.
The Chirography of the Hammurabi Code", The American Journal of Semitic Languages and Literatures, Volumen 20, Numero 2, enero 1904, pp.