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Its discovery boosted theories that the predominance of certain types of chirality in living systems may be rooted in the way that stars and planets are born.
The combination of polar skyrmions and these electrical properties may allow for the development of novel devices that are of significant interest to the Army, especially using the chirality as a parameter that can be manipulated.
Bajaj, Influence of Chirality of V(V) Schiff Base Complexes on DNA, BSA Binding and Cleavage Activity, Eur.
'Chirality is observer-independent; no matter how one looks at a right-hand screw thread, it remains different from a left-hand screw thread.
The properties of the refilled material are similar to RCLC-red, except for the opposite chirality. In the reflection mode, the diffraction efficiency of the RCP red light is smaller than that of the LCP red light (g = 0.98), as shown in Figure 2(c).
where [epsilon], [mu], and [beta] are the permittivity, permeability, and chirality of the medium, respectively.
studied the electromagnetic behavior of such structure implemented with dielectrics (polymers), in order to check whether their structural chirality translates into chiral electromagnetic behavior (bianisotropy) [1], with negative results.
In this study, top-gated undoped semiconducting MOSs like CNFETs with 4 nm thick Hf[O.sub.2], high-k dielectric (k - 16), chirality (19, 0), and fixed diameter at 1.49 nm are used.
These works indicate a potentially important role for inherent cellular chirality in the establishment of organ LR asymmetry.
"The lower the number of non-hexagonal rings in the junction (for example three octagons versus six heptagons), the lower the number of undesirable rings and thus lower phonon scattering and improved  thermal transport." Because the junctions can adopt many different geometries depending on the radius and chirality of the nanotube, there are many more potential configurations to be modeled, he said.
Molecular chirality: A new approach from a dynamical point of view Eizi HIROTA
There have been proposals to use the chirality to both store and process information.
And chirality and electronic properties of SWCNTs from high concentration solution are also various.
By definition, chirality is purely a geometrical notion, which is due to the lack of bilateral symmetry of an object [2].
In four dimensions, the positive and negative chirality spinors of Spin(4) are given by SU[(2).sub.L] and SU[(2).sub.R] spinors, [2.sub.L] and [2.sub.R], respectively.