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It is the cat, the chips, and the milk pail that I don't like."
"I chopped that from one end of the thing," Jones went on, replacing the chip in its paper and leather case.
"And then, sitting on the porch of her father's farmhouse back in Nebraska one moonlight evening, Sarah came out and put that gold chip into my hand.
(she must have packed that gold chip in my trunk), until they found out I was a man without a mind, and the railroad sent me back to Nebraska.
Most persons, at their first entrance, felt impelled to remove their hats, and pay such reverence as was due to the richly-dressed and beautiful young lady who seemed to stand in a corner of the room, with oaken chips and shavings scattered at her feet.
Slowly he would circle about the other, as though with a chip upon his shoulder; and this he did, even as Tarzan had foreseen.
By dint of much labour he managed to chip off a narrow sliver some twelve inches long by a quarter of an inch thick.
It is but a chip here and a chip there, yet it may bring the tree down in time.
? Annual spend on fish and chips in the UK is in the region of a staggering PS1.2 billion!
If you grew up in the '90s then the only potato chips you ate that time were the classic ones from Jack 'n Jill and Vcut.
The CHIPS Magazine mobile app is designed to provide users streamlined access to the latest information technology/cyber articles and the ability to tag articles of interest for future reference.
Recently, two reputable food establishments joined the small scale potato chips production industry, hoping to add innovation and dynamism to the sector.
Fish and chips were one of the few foods not to be rationed during World War II.