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the act of chipping something

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A layer of bark chippings will keep the cold at bay
Fresh chippings will suck nitrogen from the soil around the plants.
velocity patching is a process of pothole repair with a blend of bitumen and chippings whereby each chipping utilised in the process is fired in an airstream at speed through a bitumen spray and then onto the road repair area.
A year or two later the whole thing has to be repeated as 90% of the chippings have ended up in the gutter.
On top of that, fir tree chippings are acidic, which would not suit rose plants.
A YOUNG chef has used chippings from a legendary oak to create a gourmet burger.
The flamingos, traditionally from the Mediterranean and parts of Africa, nest on bark chippings in their enclosure at the specialist wild fowl centr o e.
Now the grass is coming up through the chippings thick and fast, growing better than ever before
The company uses industrial wood chipper machines which can turn 30 tonnes of wooden waste per hour into small chippings.
Every year,hundreds of miles of roads are covered in loose chippings on top of newly-laid tar and while drivers should keep their distance from the car in front, contractors have a duty to make sure loose chippings are swept up.
Two gardens from earlier festivals have been retained and replanted: an essay in dry-stone walling first made to mark the Millennium and now planted with thistles and umbelliferae [Palestine by Marmiroli, France, & Whalid, Palestine] and a mirror-garden featuring a river of colour-differentiated glass chippings [by Barzi, Casares & Co, Argentina].
GRIEVING relatives are furious after grass in a cemetery was replaced with garish green wood chippings.
The grade reported by De Beers from only 55 tonnes of drill chippings is 8.
Procurement Forecast for Getting crushed stone and chippings
Loose chippings danger THURSDAY'S sunny weather prompted me to go for a bike ride.