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Synonyms for chipping

the act of chipping something

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But I watched the girl, and her pantomime was so illuminating that I knew the sufferer had again cleaned the platter on Tuesday, had attempted a boiled egg on Wednesday (you should have seen Irene chipping it in Pall Mall, and putting in the salt), but was in a woful state of relapse on Thursday.
And so it ends in your spoiling canvas with paints, and making a smell in the house; or in keeping tadpoles in a glass box full of dirty water, and turning everybody's stomach in the house; or in chipping off bits of stone here, there, and everywhere, and dropping grit into all the victuals in the house; or in staining your fingers in the pursuit of photography, and doing justice without mercy on everybody's face in the house.
Mills that have installed the Chip Quality Package report that they are producing more usable chips per cubic meter of wood (highest possible yield from infed wood); achieving more consistent chip quality, adapted to the process; and creating less than 3% pins and 1% fines during the chipping, screening and sizing processes.
But as long as paper demand escalates, say environmentalists, the mills will keep chipping away.