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Synonyms for chipper

very brisk, alert, and full of high spirits

being in or showing good spirits

Synonyms for chipper

having a cheerful, lively, and self-confident air

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Kyle and I are facilitating the transition by assisting Connor with client relations and chipper operations, so we all welcome your phone calls or emails with any questions about your property and resources to help you in your goals.
These workers must also be instructed in safe work practices and use of equipment including chain saws, cutters and especially hand-fed wood chippers that cut and grind branches and logs into pulp.
Byline: Chipper Club HELEN MACKLIN Children's Editor
Export and import of chippers, wood chippers, drum chippers: volume, structure, dynamics
Chippers come in many sizes and power ranges, but all tend to be quite expensive-$2,000 or more--due to their heavy-duty nature.
Chippers come in many sizes and power ranges, but most utilize a heavy steel plate to which one or more chipping knives are attached, and most tend to be quite expensive ($2,000 or more) due to the nature of their heavy-duty work.
Originally developed for Rayco's stump grinder line, the CL-410 was found to be an ideal fit for the wood chippers along with other Rayco products.
Large chippers with a tree diameter capacity of 22 inches or greater and self contained loaders are expensive ($300,000+) and require large tracts of timber due to high setup and moving costs.
CBI manufactures and distributes a complete equipment line of portable and stationary grinders, shredders and chippers.
Mobile wood chippers (Figure) shred branches and tree trimmings into mulch.
The Model 1290-H Brush Bandit has a 37-inch drum, much larger than competitive 12-inch drum-style chippers.
Metso manufactures and services CARTHAGE[R] chippers, re-chippers, and parts for use in the pulp and papermaking industry.
A small rectangular plate on the drawbar has Chippers International and Serial Number 294 on it.
Concerned the voracious chippers will devastate Southern forests, their interest groups are calling for heightened regulations and a moratorium on new mills until their impacts have been studied.
CHP officers, who will be allotted two Chippers per patrol car, will distribute the stuffed animal at their own discretion, Garcia said.