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Synonyms for chipper

very brisk, alert, and full of high spirits

being in or showing good spirits

Synonyms for chipper

having a cheerful, lively, and self-confident air

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Bruce Miles, Cubs beat writer: Barry Bonds, Chipper Jones, Scott Rolen, Roger Clemens, Edgar Martinez, Jim Thome, Vladimir Guerrero, Mike Mussina, Omar Vizquel and Trevor Hoffman.
Kyle and I are facilitating the transition by assisting Connor with client relations and chipper operations, so we all welcome your phone calls or emails with any questions about your property and resources to help you in your goals.
The arborist's harness rope had become tangled with tree limbs being fed into the chipper, causing him to be yanked in, officials said.
We have eight sets of the three games to give away in today's Chipper competition.
ITICA chairman Peter Borza said: "This highlights our commitment to the traditional values and ethos of the Irish Italian chipper.
Chipper became an author—or pawthor, if you will—and dedicated her book to helping children and animals.
The Yankees general manager said he will attempt to get Chipper Jones to come out of retirement.
18pm on January 3 reporting a stolen wood chipper that had been taken some time in the previous 20 minutes.
In practice, most folks would be best served with a chipper-shredder combination unit--you can load the hopper to shred leaves and twigs, and you can send branches down the chipper chute to create coarser material.
And you'll want to know whether you'll be working with fresh or dry materials, as this will influence the kind and power capability of the chipper or shredder, or the chipper-shredder combination unit.
and by looking at ourselves and admitting our sins, we can find inner joy, and find true happiness, and then we can turn Yom Kippur into Yom Chipper.
has introduced the new BC1200XL brush chipper to its family of environmental equipment.
Each chipper is individually labeled with its dimension.
What she could not accept was the fact her son was stopped on the A1 at Alnwick earlier this month and had to prove the chipper he was towing belonged to him.
He gave up first-pitch, two-run home runs to Andruw Jones in the first inning and Chipper Jones in the third.