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a burrowing ground squirrel of western America and Asia

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The Perfect Poison Pills Plot was written on a Nokia E6 Qwerty phone and has been narrated by Chipmunk in a series of five short video clips.
SINGING chipmunks Alvin (voiced by Long), Simon (Gubler) and Theodore (McCartney) continue to thrive in the cut-throat music business.
When was the last time you saw a horse, a snake, dogs, cats, even a chipmunk on a Hollywood red carpet?
At the beginning of the last ice age about 40,000 years ago, when most animals were heading south, some chipmunk populations stayed in northern refuges, scientists say.
A cheeky chipmunk who chewed her way out of a box hid in a car for FIVE DAYS.
Guestswho purchase Alvin or Brittany will receive a virtual chipmunk for their online character to redeem on Bearville.
Chippy Chipmunk Parties in the Garden" is a fabulous photo-essay about a little Eastern Chipmunk named Chippy who lives in the author's garden.
GRIME star Chipmunk says he could return to school if music doesn't work out for him - as a teacher.
Janice and I wanted to make sure the game captured The Chipmunk and Chipette personality and we recorded nearly 500 different lines of dialog for the game," said Ross Bagdasarian, CEO of Bagdasarian Productions.
Thus, Dave offers the animals sanctuary if they sing his catchy yuletide offering, The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late).
A neighborhood character they expect to like, but haven't met yet, is someone they call ``the Chipmunk Man.
He doesn't celebrate his 21st birthday until November, but Chipmunk has already proved himself to be a shrewd operator.
Summary: Chipmunk is still celebrating his biggest career success to date.
Alvin and his pre-teen chipmunk singing pals have to deal with celebrity and rival female group The Chipettes.
The funniest moment was when the chipmunk threw the remote control through the TV screen and I loved The Chipettes.