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a burrowing ground squirrel of western America and Asia

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The Chipmunks were a sensation on both sides of the Atlantic, topping the US chart with the Chipmunk Song.
Chipmunks (United States [2]), two species of squirrels (United Kingdom [3] and Switzerland [4]), and hedgehogs (5) are missing from the list of wildlife hosts, and the competence of sheep is denied despite evidence to the contrary (6).
Differences in Townsend's chipmunk populations between second- and old-growth forests in western Oregon.
Some suggested it could in fact be a white Siberian chipmunk that had escaped captivity.
She was comfortable to co-exist with the birds, rabbits and yes, even the occasional chipmunk that scurried through the yard.
Take a hike in the woods, and chances are, you will see a chipmunk.
Janine Calzini, from Adventure Valley, said: "We have carved pumpkins in the shape of a sheep, rabbit, donkey, goat, horse, chipmunk, llamas and more.
A: There is no soil around the entrance and exits to chipmunk burrows because these critters carry the soil away in their cheek pouches and then scatter it some distance from the openings.
Winner of the Mom's Choice Award Honoring Excellence, Chippy Chipmunk: Friends in the Garden is a children's picturebook dealing with the serious topics of death, loss, and grief.
A customer has brought me a Chipmunk Rifle .22 SL made in USA by Oregon Arms, Inc., Medford, Oregon.
A Brown Rat and a Townsend's Chipmunk (Tamias townsendii) were actively foraging beneath bird feeders approximately 1.5 m from my viewpoint.
"Ibrahim had just arrived in the ambulance when Alvin, Simon and Theodore Chipmunk were here, so the ambulance staff asked if they could come and welcome him.
PLATINUM-selling pop star Chipmunk wowed fans at a secret Tyneside gig.
Miller (author); CHIPPY CHIPMUNK; Celtic Sunrise (Children's: Juvenile Fiction) $19.95 ISBN: 9780984089314