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remove or withdraw gradually: "These new customs are chipping away at the quality of life"

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A NEW LAW IN UTAH, approved in March, offers one of the latest examples of the anti-abortion effort to limit access to family planning services and thus chip away at a woman's right to choose.
Intuit (Japan) and other Japanese companies are using MBOs to give themselves a semblance of independence; Xavel is pulling in revenue of $1 million a month selling high-quality, brand-name clothing, perfume and accessories to people shopping via their cellphones; IP telephony begins to chip away at NTT's 100-year empire; and Sony tries to rev up the lackluster Aiwa brand.
For years, Annan has encouraged the United Nations and the European Union to chip away at the sovereignty of the nations of Europe.
Does Bush's deal with the Salvation Army shed light on a White House plan to chip away at gay fights?
An older couple, superbly danced by Deirdre Chapman and Paul Liburd, chip away at their routine, ritualistic yet still vigorous and passionate, with suggestive hip gyrating in deep second-position plies and lung-challenging races across stage with slick transitions of direction.
Paleontologists chip away hard sand with picks and brush sand off the bones.
But component shortages in the mobile phone division could chip away at future growth.
Now they're attempting to chip away affirmative action provisions by attaching an endless stream of amendments to reauthorization bills.
Clearly handset vendors can appeal to localized market needs to chip away at Nokia's global dominance.
That was a marked difference from Game One, when second-unit let downs allowed the Nuggets to chip away at the Clippers 16-point lead over the last few minutes of the third quarter and the early part of the fourth quarter.
The third such 25 basis point rise since June, and part of an ongoing series of raises that many fear will begin to chip away at skyrocketing real estate values, has been accompanied somewhat unexpectedly by a slowly sinking 10-year Treasury yield, the rate that real estate loans are typically priced from.