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remove or withdraw gradually: "These new customs are chipping away at the quality of life"

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Hear 'Chip Away' at https:// tony-benn-nine-invisibleschip.
The members of the chapters are working right now to chip away at your business and, in turn, the industry.
Despite valiant play, the Eagles could not chip away at the lead, James Bruce's three-point shooting failing to halt Doncaster.
Meanwhile, the REIT continued to chip away at its plan to divest itself of non-core assets with the sale of 70 West 36th Street for $61.5 million, or $393 per square foot.
A Midwestern broker notes that transportation costs are continuing to chip away at margins and that the effect is particularly noticeable since this time last year.
Rather than trying to ban abortion outright, which most politicians acknowledge the American public does not support, they instead chip away at the right to choose, one restriction at a time.
More importantly, he believes she would "chip away" at "aggressive tactics taken in the War on Terror" that have kept us safe and would appoint judges who would "rule out of order any and all aggressive efforts at terrorism prevention." Most importantly, he believes that she would put a stop to Bush's "aggressive foreign policy" in which we take the fight to terrorists and rogue states and try to replace Muslim tyrannies with democracy, regardless of whether the plan seems to be working or not.
Some have muscle and plastic gloves; others have expensive educations to chip away at legal convention.
Comparative psychologist Todd Freeberg of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, who has studied chickadee communication, says that Templeton's work is "really starting to chip away at understanding the richness of the information" that chickadees can communicate.
The town's fire crews had to be called when Buffy became distressed and firefighters used hand tools to chip away the wall and free Buffy.
I'm trying to chip away, chip away, to get back to a ranking I'm comfortable with.''
Another way to chip away at that propaganda stink is to quote people outside the company: analysts, trade-publication editors, customers and industry experts.
Robi's romantic problems and her desperation worrying about her sick younger brother chip away at her psyche.
The bipartisan measure, the latest effort to chip away at the embargo, comes as President Bush prepares to make it harder for Cuban Americans to travel to the communist-run nation and send money to relatives there.