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Synonyms for chintzy

Synonyms for chintzy

of very poor quality

embarrassingly stingy


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Geri I I because 'Once a year I watch the moment I broke down on X Factor to remind myself how much this means' 'I SET FIRE TO MY MUM'S LAMPSHADE IT WAS AN EARLY INDICATION OF GOOD TASTE, BECAUSE IT WAS HORRIBLE AND CHINTZY'
In short, we see them as crude, cheap things with chintzy interiors and engines that consume fuel like there's no tomorrow.
That sense of hysteria bubbling under those chintzy dresses and that helmet of hair was much too close to the surface."
The clothing brand is addressing the issue of ill-fitting frocks, banishing the frumpy A-lines, stretchy wrap-arounds and chintzy smocks that the truly busty are often restricted to.
Rushton said his concern was that a "chintzy operation" would come to the city that doesn't coexist with plans to attract more health care, life sciences and academic jobs.
Instead, the half-Jewish Kravitz had bragged about putting Tel Aviv at the end of his tour so he could spend some time in Israel, calling the adventure to-be "monumental." He even filmed a chintzy video roll out where he dropped a Shalom and threw up a peace sign.
Between swigs of already familiar "Terry brandy", the Scouse harridan shakily improvises from the confines of her chintzy lounge, before morphing, via wig-change and false teeth implants, into Brenda, one of those deluded office femmes fatales to be universally avoided.
Even the endpapers are beautifully decorated with a floral almost chintzy feel.
That was wild to me, because some of the most interesting dancehall often sounds rough and digitally homespun, relying on the artist's vocal power to carry its chintzy rhythms.
ST TRINIANS Striped blazers with matching shorts, trousers, minis and school scarves were the flavour of the day for flame-haired Derbyshire-born designer Vivienne Westwood, who has clearly lost none of her irreverence - even at the ripe old age of 68.; CLASSIC BRITISH KITSCH Nottingham-born designer Sir Paul Smith brought us chintzy fun with the striped knits he is well known for, together with rose prom-frocks and skirts and androgenous pinstripe tailoring.; BLOCK COLOUR Supermodel-de-jour Agyness Deyn's best friend and designer Henry Holland wowed London with his quirky block colour creations in lime green, electric blue and bubblegum pink.; GOING TO PRINT Following on from spring's love of print, there will be more printed fabrics in autumn.
Although the design is a spirited presentation of the "Hulk smash!" ethos, the technology has a chintzy feel.
Post Columnist Bill McClellan wrote that Pulitzer's pledge of $500,000 was "chintzy," given the fact that she is so wealthy.
giant jackdaw, digging through my mound of chintzy bijoux toward your
"We will stock our shelves with chintzy goods and sweet tasting snacks," said the husband.