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Synonyms for chintzy

Synonyms for chintzy

of very poor quality

embarrassingly stingy


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It is ideal for all types of interiors, from the chintzy country cottage all the way through to an ultramodern designer pad.
On the ground floor there is also a morning room where John and Mary have gone for a chintzy look, with floral patterned comfortable couches and cushions.
They're the entrance to an exclusive chintzy nightclub guarded by angel bouncers and instead of the amiable Mr Jordan portrayed by Claude Rains and James Mason, it's run by Chazz Palminteri's flashy Mr King - more Godfather than God.
His full voice started emerging at "home," and then, at "of the," you could tell he was about to let go, and the split sec ond of anticipation sent a charge through the crowd, and then he did let go, at "brave," with his whole throat--he sang that word without doubt, loudly, loudly, in a ferocious baritone, carrying the note for ten, fifteen seconds, as the flag waved around on the chintzy digital screen, as everyone's bones melted and brains liquefied.
The 'pared down' bit means the bedrooms are unfussy but very comfortable -proper duvets, leather chairs, that sort of thing -and not a chintzy bedspread in sight.
Grantchester is the perfect mix of intrigue, post-war morals and chintzy wallpaper.
Avoid looking too chintzy by bringing vintage style prints up to date with a cool pastel blue blazer, boyfriend jeans and slip on trainers.
While the poor and needy are left to their own devices on the streets (gambling, drugs and prostitution), the affluent revel in the luxury of Fiddler's Green, a high-rise complex of chintzy fabrics, piped lift muzak, exclusive boutiques and coffee shops.
To some, the term ``prefab aluminum'' smacks of chintzy hamburger chains and cheesy suburban duplexes.
Another has a traditional cottage look and the third has a chintzy look.
Never has global combustibility sounded so innocent, but the chintzy guitar, toothsome and catchy-as-velcro chorus should bring more acclaim to the kitsch poppers.
Several years ago, most interiors officianados would have balked at the thought of having ornate cabinetry and gilt edged pieces in the 'modern' home, but thanks to an influx of glamour, firstly from the catwalk, we can all now have something a little more luxurious in our homes without fear of it being labelled chintzy.
Poetry, paintings, puppies and chintzy furniture all get torched.
The chintzy cafe in Hay Lane, it will be remembered, was the scene a couple of years ago of the failed Buntygate coup to oust council leader John Fletcher.