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a brightly printed and glazed cotton fabric

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Excluding the muted fabrics in Hephzibah's fragile, "well-loved" quilts and the center square in the Edisto Medallion quilt top, the unwashed chintzes found in the bedcovers show minimal damage and are just as colorful and vibrant as they were over 150 years ago, resembling the Lowcountry's own lush tropical flora and fauna.
That she has, after 28 years spent in the Indian department at the Victoria and Albert Museum--where she presently holds the position of Senior Curator for South Asia--chosen to revisit an old favourite theme of Indian chintzes has its reasons.
It will feature mills, converters, leather and trimming manufacturers showcasing products in an array of categories, including cottons, chenille, chintzes, velvets, faux fabrics, flocks, jacquards, leather, sheeting, tapestries and more.
The Romantic pieces resonate back to the great country houses of Northern Europe, with faded chintzes, antique pine and white washed finishes, and old-world hardware.
4), Montgomery compared it to two chintzes from the Bannister Hall Printworks Collection owned by the Victoria and Albert Museum, respectively dated 1818 and about 1815.
Essential Ashley: Chintzes, roses and all things refined.
Silks, mercerized cotton, shiny jacquards, rayon-warp chenilles and even some chintzes showed up and were well-received.