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a brightly printed and glazed cotton fabric

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The corner between the fireplace and the window is occupied by a divan cushioned in Morris chintz.
With these words, Kate hurried away, to hide the traces of emotion that were stealing down her face, and to prepare herself for the walk, while Mrs Nickleby amused her brother-in-law by giving him, with many tears, a detailed account of the dimensions of a rosewood cabinet piano they had possessed in their days of affluence, together with a minute description of eight drawing-room chairs, with turned legs and green chintz squabs to match the curtains, which had cost two pounds fifteen shillings apiece, and had gone at the sale for a mere nothing.
Sedley to her husband; and that night in a conversation which took place in a front room in the second floor, in a sort of tent, hung round with chintz of a rich and fantastic India pattern, and double with calico of a tender rose-colour; in the interior of which species of marquee was a featherbed, on which were two pillows, on which were two round red faces, one in a laced nightcap, and one in a simple cotton one, ending in a tassel--in a CURTAIN LECTURE, I say, Mrs.
His bed, provided with light chintz curtains, was placed, with the head against the wall of the room, so as to leave a good open space on either side of it.
Mrs Sparkler, installed in the rooms of state--the innermost sanctuary of down, silk, chintz, and fine linen--felt that so far her triumph was good, and her way made, step by step.
A big clumsy sofa occupied almost the whole of one wall and half the floor space of the room; it was once covered with chintz, but was now in rags and served Raskolnikov as a bed.
Mum and Dad's house is very old fashioned, all chintz and dark wood, and I'd love to be somewhere more modern.
The mark on your teapot puts it between 1934 and 1950 when the Chintz June design was very popular.
The chintz curtains at the pounds 400,000 home of Archer's former secretary in Wimbledon, south-west London, remained closed.
The camera crews set up home in the McCoskers' house as designers chucked out the chintz and brought a modern look to the bungalow.
Dining and activity tables are wheelchair height, and vinyl-coated fabrics are used that clean up easily, but appear to be elegant chintz.
Businessman Mike McIntosh, of Factory Fabrics in Prudhoe, discovered the chintz in the archives of Stead McAlpin mill in Cummersdale, Cumbria.
It's a practical style that is ideal for this time of year," says Sylvia Dennison, owner of Middlesbrough's Chintz hairdressing salon.
Blue Square: 4-7 Rainbow View, 5 Fantasia, 8 Golden Stream, 10 Dreamtheimpossible, 16 Chintz, 20 High Heeled, Brief Candle, 25 Simple Solution, Marquesa, Paidrin, 33 Beat Seven, 66 Silver Games, 100 Never Lose.
CHINTZ is holding a raffle in aid of breast cancer charity with prizes including a guitar donated by Middlesbrough Music Centre, a hamper of perfumes from Debenhams, Middlesbrough, and a rock hair makeover with colour and cut.