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trousers made with chino cloth

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a coarse twilled cotton fabric frequently used for uniforms

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Wool ties with a squared-off bottom worn loosely will add a punch to any casual shirt worn with denim or chinos.
Lands' End Canvas(TM) Offers New Chinos & Partners with Dappered.
The days of seersucker shorts and tees are gone - ready to be replaced with chinos, oxfords and sweaters.
The Chinos themselves have been leaders in the "eat what's local and seasonal" movement for decades, pressed into prominence when they were introduced to chef Alice Waters (famously, by way of a lug of wax beans) in the late 1970s.
It's worth the trip because "the Chinos don't put out anything unless it's perfect," Foshee says.
A LINE OF NAMETAGS on the wall behind the Chino family's rustic farmstand gives a handful of chefs permission to pick up their ready-bagged orders of veggies.
Pero quiza ningun nivel de inversion taiwanesa pueda detener a los negocios panamenos que quieren entrar en los mercados chinos.
Pero los lazos de Evergreen con Chen, y con la postura de su partido a favor de la independencia de la isla, irritaron al gobierno chino cuando la compania taiwanesa trataba de extender sus intereses en el continente.
The traveler Carreri cited in "The Chinos in New Spain" mentions Philippine Indians and not Sangley.
The lands, histories and cultures that "The Chinos in New Spain" is usurping--even if unintentionally, belongs to Africans and their Diaspora offspring also known as Chinacos, Cochos, Jarochos, Boshitos, Chocos, Campechanos, Cambujos, Lobos, Coyotes, Loros, Mulatos, Prietos, Pintos, Pardos, Chilangos, Pelados, Costeneos, etc.
It must also be understood that the homonym chino meaning Chinese that developed currency in nineteenth-century Philippines applies only to the Sangley and therefore is not a referent to the Indios Filipinos, other Asians or the Mexican chinos of African descent.
Topman's stone skinny carrot chinos, pounds 32, left.
These straight leg purple chinos, right, are pounds 32 at Burton.
J by Jasper Conran blazer PS110, chinos PS40, shirt PS40, shoes PS140 all from Debenhams | Navy suit jacket PS42, suit trousers PS23, shirt PS6 and tie PS3 all by F&F at Tesco | Savile Row inspired suit PS349, jumper PS49.