chinook wind

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a warm dry wind blowing down the eastern slopes of the Rockies

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Chinook Wind helps address the market%s need for senior living options and provides specialized housing that goes a long way toward alleviating challenges that many seniors face in their daily lives.
The temperature rose from 4 degrees below zero to 45 above, courtesy of a Chinook wind.
Terrence Burke is Managing Director of Chinook Wind Development, which serves as a consultant to emerging healthcare companies and strategic advisor to healthcare organizations.
Terry Burke, of Chinook Wind Development and formerly of MetraHealth, will become Chairman of the Board of WHIS.
Edmonton, once the Ultima Thule, is now only the gateway to what may become a greater north on its own, for the Peace River and the Athabasca country and Alberta itself are warmed by the Chinook winds, and have not the hard winter climate of Manitoba.
This technology provides an effective response to powerful winter Chinook winds common in the Rockies.
com)-- Ogden's Own Distillery, the makers of Underground Herbal Spirit and Five Wives Vodka, announced their participation in the Chinook Winds Ultimate Spirits Experience in Lincoln City, Oregon.
Living against the Rocky Mountains, we are also blessed with chinook winds that can warm the landscape quickly.
These hills are a special place, visited by chinook winds, called the "snow eater" by locals, as warm winds come over the mountains, melting the snow and exposing the grasses.
With the next WorldSkills UK competition taking place in Calgary in September 2009, the brief asks the young designers to draw inspiration from the sky over Calgary, brought in by the Chinook winds - a fusion of grey, pinks, reds and yellows.
On the other hand, these warm, dry Chinook winds can rapidly dehydrate evergreens and even some deciduous trees such as birch causing severe winter damage.
Warm Chinook winds from the Pacific Ocean, and cold Arctic air from the North, can bring sudden changes in temperature.
The event has announced its Brass lineup for the Chinook Winds Resort Stage at the festival, which takes place duty 23, 24 and 25 at Tom McCall Waterfront Park in downtown Portland Portland lap-slide guitarist Dylan-Thomas Vance and fiddler Griff Bear kick off the Oregon Brewers Festival music lineup on Friday with "their heartbroken, drink-nursing lyrics.
At Chinook Winds Casino and Convention Center, Lincoln City, Ore.