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We estimated relative predation mortality and identified predation hot spots upon juvenile Chinook salmon to compliment ongoing acoustic telemetry surveys.
In the Chinook salmon modeling case study, the objective was to synthesize current understanding of the Chinook salmon life cycle and the associated stressors affecting survival through life stages in order to identify knowledge and management gaps in the south-central and western regions of Alaska.
The final GE fish product contains not only the novel gene construct from chinook salmon and ocean pout fish but they are also triploids and they are all females.
The released actinospores infect juvenile Chinook salmon.
Four distinct races of anadromous chinook salmon occupy the Sacramento/San Joaquin river system (Banks et al.
The USGS Western Fisheries Research Center and the Skagit River System Cooperative also collaborated to investigate whether rearing Chinook salmon in the Skagit River delta increases the survival of juveniles and whether limitations in the amount of that habitat is limiting the Skagit population of Chinook salmon.
The decision from the Pacific Fishery Management Council, a federally appointed committee of experts and industry representatives which manages fisheries off the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington, comes on the heels of a sudden and unprecedented decline in the numbers of Chinook salmon returning to California's Sacramento River, historically one of the largest wild salmon fisheries in the region.
Six years ago, that team showed that diazinon significantly impaired responses by Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) to alarm scents and reduced their success in finding their natal pools.
The central motivating factor of the [conservation plan] was to balance the needs of a million people with protecting seven federally listed threatened or endangered species, in particular bull trout and Chinook salmon," says Ralph Naess, education coordinator for Seattle Public Utilities (SPU), which manages the watershed.
July 2004 (Frozen and Fresh Products Only) Imports Variety of Salmon KG Value Fresh Atlantic Fillets Farmed 52,206,976 $262,187,222 Fresh Atlantic Wild Fillets 164,852 $860,702 Frozen Atlantic Fillets 15,276,327 $83,370,593 Fresh Atlantic Salmon Farmed 30,763,860 $138,931,859 Fresh Atlantic Salmon Wild 189,977 $479,518 Fresh Atlantic Danube Salmon 2,273,832 $9,921,542 Fresh Chinook Salmon Farmed 2,681,874 $11,553,035 Fresh Chinook Salmon Wild 533,553 $4,732,636 Frozen Chinook Salmon 587,100 $2,416,807 Fresh Chum Salmon 215,475 $512,605 Frozen Chum Salmon 609,314 $983,891 Fresh Coho Salmon, Farmed 45,203 $192,859 Fresh Coho Salmon, Wild 12,822 $57,952 Frozen Coho Salmon 83,970 $368,988 Misc.
The transgenic salmon contain genes from the ocean pout fish and Chinook salmon and grow seven times faster than natural wild salmon.
We hypothesized that substances present in effluents might disrupt the normal process of sex differentiation in fish and used chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) as a model species for investigation.
NWF contends that the utility district mismanages two hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River, contributing to the continued demise of endangered chinook salmon.
She landed the largest Chinook salmon on the trip, a 62-pounder.
The Rogue River supports summer and winter steelhead, fall Chinook salmon, and coho salmon, but many of its key spawning and rearing tributaries have low flows that limit fish populations.