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a style in art reflecting Chinese influence

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Pitched in over a mile on her racecourse bow at Chepstow in August, Chinoiseries overcame some obvious signs of greenness to run out a length winner with a bit in hand.
gt;> D'aucuns diront qu'un depute provincial experimente connait mieux la bureaucratie, ce qui lui permet de mieux composer avec les chinoiseries administratives.
On the shelves, stuffed in among Mme Boucher's chinoiseries (including a tiny tea-set) are more discarded ribbons and another crumpled letter.
Chinoiseries, jaulas de pajaros, tapices, camas con dosel o los tipicos azulejos pintados visten un palacio de ensueno, que haria las delicias de los mejores interioristas.
Western art was influenced by contact with the East--from the chinoiseries of the 18th century to Egyptian motifs introduced after Bonaparte's expedition to the Nile.
The other component is the history of chinoiseries and its exotic appeal in the West.
C'est via ces voyageurs que la Chine et les << chinoiseries >> ont fait leur entree dans l'univers quebecois.
La Autobiografia precoz de Elizondo habla del alcohol y de los manicomios; pero mas alla de mis razones personales para elegir este libro, me importa dar por falsa la version que hace de esta autobiografia un fechado, pasajero o legendario gesto de poeta maldito, de lector de Swinburne, de coleccionista de chinoiseries.
At one time or another Wesley adapts nearly all of them to his own ends: the fetes galantes and pastorales, the seasonal allegories and Arcadian landscapes, the Ovidian metamorphoses, historical anecdotes, and sporting scenes, the orientales, chinoiseries, odalisques, and divertissements (i.
The festival will be accompanied by screenings of films by featured choreographers, such as Abracadabra by French choreographer Philippe Decoufle and Chinoiseries, a short film about the meeting of French dancer Mathilde Monnier with an autistic woman.
Le 18e siecle francais connut la mode des chinoiseries et le 19e vit une intervention militaire francaise en Chine (O'Connor 1973; Spence 1990; sur le role de l'opinion publique francaise, voir English 1987).
The facade and Edwardian interior have changed little; including the single manually operated elevator, the television sets that are hidden inside wooden cabinets, and of course, the hotel's famous lobby with it's lovely, dark oak columns and trim, wing chairs and chinoiseries [sic throughout].
If bright prints are too much, then try a large ebony and cream dot pattern or one of the many Chinoiseries florals that are headed into the market.
com Silver Tankard Stakes 1m (Listed) RUK Card page 40 DAVID SIMCOCK'S well-related Chinoiseries tackles the step up to Listed company in this PS40,000 mile contest as she bids for a second success, writes Jack Haynes.
1) and furniture, as well as writing an essay for the catalogue about 17th-century chinoiseries on silver, and the more sophisticated rococo reflections of Cathay.