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a style in art reflecting Chinese influence

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5) He went even further in his position against any kind of chinoiserie or japonaiserie, Western or Eastern, as he warned against any Asian artist (Japanese or Chinese) wishing to go Europe to study and imitate European arts but inevitably ending up only producing Typhoon, a japonaiserie, (6) The Yellow Jacket, or some other piece "with an Eastern coat on its back, something which is like a penny peep-show for our stupid grown up children.
While Irish's subverted chinoiserie is again present, rather than being capped by a ceiling the dark wood interior opens out into an expanse of oceanic blue-and-green wash studded with Vietnamese zodiac and mythological signs--including a bucking horse, floating crustaceans, and monks in prayer--concisely dotted and delineated in white tempera.
Guests will also be able to enjoy a Swinging Sixties Afternoon Tea in the hotels luxurious Chinoiserie lounge from 10th September to 20th November.
a An unusual eight-day tavern clock by Bristol maker Charles Penney, circa 1785, with teardrop shaped gilt and black chinoiserie case l ck rca t
For the new line the team drew on their shared passion for art block-print vintage floral patterns and chinoiserie to compose prints and embroideries employing new methods to recreate old world craftsmanship on luxuriant woollen and silk fabrics custom made for the winter season.
This difference between what is Chinese and what is European chinoiserie based on a mythical China, as well as the transformation of Chinese objects into ones more suited to French interiors and taste, are the themes of the exhibition.
Love it JO MALONE has teamed up with chinoiserie wallpaper designer Michael Angove to create a bespoke print inspired by her Blackberry & Bay and Orange Blossom scents.
He calls the juxtapositioning of the privately held list of behaviors and the instances when certain behaviors are publicly proscribed the "Madame Butterfly" effect and describes what happens when the two cross into law, describes reparative justice in Ping Cong's Chinoiserie, describes how patriotism was performed in the internment camps during World War II, shows the political performability of the Moriyuki Shimada scrap book, and looks into the recent radicalization of Cambodian America.
Master patissier Eric Lanlard has created the Jasmine Afternoon Tea at the Chinoiserie restaurant in the Jumeirah Carlton Tower in Knightsbridge.
Designs include Porcelain Floral, an artfully handtufted cut pile rug inspired by blue and white Chinoiserie motifs in antique Chinese porcelain, Water Garden, a tone-on-tone handhooked loop pile rug with handtufted cut pile stylized flower petals in viscose, and Island Lattice, which features a white trellis motif on an azure blue background.
UKPRwire, Thu Sep 27 2012] Chinoiserie at Jumeirah Carlton Tower continues its partnership with Eric Lanlard by unveiling its new 'I Love Paris' afternoon tea.
Chinoiserie at Jumeirah Carlton Tower provides the perfect backdrop for afternoon tea with its sophisticated, classic-contemporary decor.
And continues with: "Easy to confuse the black chinoiserie with feathers / torn from ashes.
ClickPress, Tue May 29 2012] Chinoiserie at Jumeirah Carlton Tower continues its partnership with master patissier Eric Lanlard by unveiling its new 'Jubilant Afternoon Tea'.
The Green Ceramic Lattice stool is part of the Chinoiserie collection launched by Indigo Living.