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having a receding chin

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Knight,' says Chinless to me, 'I'm so glad you could do our soiree.
5 ( ANI ): English media has reportedly compared Australian captain Michael Clark to a 'graceless, chinless weasel' while likening Australians to Franco Begbie, sociopath played by Robert Carlyle in the cult classic Trainspotting.
THE likeable presenter Ulrika Jonsson lost her head over the weekend, revealing her one-time lover, the chinless ex-England football manager Sven Goran Eriksson, was as interesting in bed as assembling IKEA furniture.
Can I assure her that us beardies are not all chinless wonders.
I AM amazed at the large number of people who really did not think that the chinless wonders who now govern our country would screw the working classes for everything they could in the name of the world recession.
And us Old Incognetians are just as good as those chinless tossers from Eton and Harrow, yurr?
If it's not quite clear how taxing the chinless types sipping elderflower Kopparberg will cure harmful drinking, there was better news for the health police as last week marked the official demise of White Lightning, now delisted by brand owner Heineken UK and therefore leavings liver-shaped gap as tramp-fuel of choice for the discerning homeless.
The DfT knew this before it was taken over by chinless wonders who are more interested in transport politics than safe driving - it still advises councils that a blanket speed limit is not the way to tackle individual hazards on rural roads, but has failed to notice that this is inconsistent with its new speed limit setting guidelines.
Neanderthals were heavily built and muscular, with projecting faces, large teeth, low foreheads, heavy brow ridges, and chinless jaws.
Stan Smith (again, MacFarlane lends his voice), as steroidally buff as Peter Griffin is beer-bellied - Stan's lantern jaw makes Jay Leno look positively chinless - is a CIA agent who thinks the Patriot Act is the work of the lunatic left.
Maybe because that name was too redolent of fast open sports cars bowling down to Maidenhead and Gussie Fink-Nottles, spats and strangled, chinless vowels.
Even so, such characteristic Neandertal features as robust skeletons, short limbs and barrel chests, prominent browridges and low, sloping foreheads, protruding midfaces and chinless jaws, says Wong, still clearly indicate to many paleoanthropologists "an evolutionary trajectory separate from that of moderns.
Her erstwhile pleasant features become a chinless doppelganger of Arnold Stang.
Characteristic features of these hominids include thick bones, sloping foreheads, bulging brow ridges, chinless jaws, and peg-shaped front teeth.