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cut of meat or fish including at least part of the backbone

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cut through the backbone of an animal

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In this team, the goals will come from everyone," said Chines.
About 60 stalls were established in the expo where different Chines and local companies had displayed their products and expertise to showcase their products and services and promote business to business contacts.
THE GREAT ESCAPE: Andrew Doyle and late hero Miguel Chines celebrate at the end of yesterday's win for Carrick
Companhias internacionais que atuam no mercado chines precisam se adaptar ao sistema de filtro na China.
Please note the cutback chine and the pitot tube in the nose.
An additional feature in enhancing passenger and crew comfort is the action of the longitudinal chines on the inside of the tunnel walls.
When Portuguese national, Chines (right), landed in Northern Ireland in 2000, he was unsure where life would take him.
Chines believes that is because they have refused to look any further than their next assignment, despite having a mountain to climb.
Former Linfield striker Chines recorded an impressive 29 goals this term, mirroring his side's form in their first season at this level.
It took three buses and a hike to a chicken factory just to track down Chines.
Chines arrived on these shores 12 years ago eyeing nothing much more than a change of scenery; Northern Ireland offered a chance to broaden his horizons now that the EU had flung open Europe's borders.
Donnelly, a leading 20th-century scholar in the field, once wrote: 'There is no doubt that figures constitute the great glory of blanc de Chine.
L'avenir de la region administrative speciale de Hong Kong a ete defini dans la Declaration commune de 1984 et la Loi fondamentale de 1990, fruits d'ententes entre le Royaume-Uni et la Republique populaire de Chine.
En 2014, la Chine est montee a la premiere place du podium des pays fournisseurs de l'Algerie.
Summary: CHINA DUCK DE CHINE 1949--The Hidden City, Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District