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small black-and-white insect that feeds on cereal grasses

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The warmer the temperature, the faster the chinch bug completes its life cycle.
Davis says ARS is trying to develop alternatives to pesticides to manage chinch bugs and that breeding plants that fend them off may offer the best solution.
Studies have shown that chinch bug numbers are largest on dry, sunny sites where there is a significant thatch layer and a large population of fine fescues.
These previous studies provided information on the biology of the parasite, but did not provide a large scale survey of the overall distribution or parasitism rates of the parasite in chinch bug populations in Florida.
Chinch Bugs-In Southern states especially South Florida, the chinch bug is one of the most damaging bug of St.
Augustinegrass, Stenotaphrum secundatum (Walt) Kuntze, cultivars was released and widely planted throughout the Southern United States for its resistance to the southern chinch bug (Blissus insularis Barber) (Reinert et al.
Major insect pests occurring on canola stands during 2000-01 cropping season included cabbage seedpod weevil, false chinch bug, flea beetles, thrips, cabbage seedling maggot, aphids, and diamondback moth (Table 2).
A review of host resistance in turfgrass to insects and acarines with emphasis on the southern chinch bug.
8220;Throughout the year, we have received an increased number of reports of chinch bug and rodent infestations.
This study is the first to show southern chinch bug resistance to the latter 3 insecticides.
Breeding for resistance to greenbug, chinch bug, and maize dwarf mosaic virus.
If you've spotted the signs of a chinch bug infestation, including patches of yellowed or brown grass in the sunlight, it's important that you seek professional help before the damage spreads.
Chinch bugs are the most destructive to Florida lawns, and they cost Florida homeowners millions of dollars each year in sod repair.