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dishware made of high quality porcelain

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It's the finer details that exude the intricacy put into this hotel with over 3,000 pieces of handcrafted glasses and over 9,000 pieces of handcrafted chinaware created especially for the hotel.
With items for the dining room - such as chinaware, cutlery and glassware -- and lighting options, including lamps, wall lamps and lanterns, "Saudi homes have never before had such eclectic European interior design options," the company stated.
He went on to say that saffron, followed by cement, steel, chinaware, ceramics, plastic products, carpets and floor mats include the top export products of the province.
Hankook Chinaware, the South Korean factory known globally for its bone china production, will occupy a renovated 1,200-square-foot showroom on the 19th floor.
9% more than in 2012, which was allocated primarily to the construction of the bathroom chinaware plant in the state of Ceara, the installation of a research, development and production unit for construction material inputs in the state of Amazonas and the maintenance and modernization of the Group's industrial facilities.
The Bureau of Human Resources' Office of Employee Relations (HR/ER) raised more than $1,900 with a white elephant and bake sale that featured donated jewelry, chinaware, artifacts and fabric from around the world, including a Tibetan rug and Syrian tablecloths.
Deema Collection was recently commissioned by London's tableware emporium Thomas Goode to create luxury chinaware by next year.
Her home is groaning with press cuttings, photo albums, clothing, tupperware, bedding, chinaware, dolls and mannequins.
Emirates said it had recycled tonnes of obsolete aircraft chinaware into an oyster bed in Dubai and applied new air traffic management practices that reduced fuel burn and carbon dioxide emissions.
Old suitcases, well-worn chairs, broken chinaware, a set of wooden drawers from a discarded fitted wardrobe--an oblique sign of Rio de Janeiro's real-estate boom--all attest to the artist's interest in, as she puts it, "the bone of things.
For the launch of spring's new eyewear styles the design team were inspired by all the blue tones so typical of Scandinavia: jeans, traditional Sami costume, the chinaware of Rorstrands, as well as the lakes and the sea.
The 40-something consumers are the biggest spenders on movies, theatres, concerts and other entertainment activities, while those in their 50s open their wallets more for holiday trips, new cars, chinaware, beverages, bathroom linens and new chairs.
com CAFE SOCIETY | TRY introducing a ray of sunshine to your early morning coffee hour with Kellogg's quirky vintage chinaware.
Chinese national Boya Wong, 29, who is studying for a PhD at Durham University, said: "Chinaware was made for the high ranking officers and the emperors so the chinaware in the museum is likely to be very elite.