chinaberry tree

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tree of northern India and China having purple blossoms and small inedible yellow fruits

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Much later, I was living in Auburn, Alabama and transplanted a young chinaberry tree in my yard.
Her hand took the lipstick, and in an instant she was carried away in the air through the spring, and looking down with a half-drowsy smile from a purple cloud she saw from above a chinaberry tree, dark and smooth and neatly leaved, neat as a guinea hen in the dooryard, and there was her home that she had left.
Mother Lester has seldom moved from the comfort of her hiding spot during the course of the novel and there is little reason for the reader to believe that she will move away from what has been, after all, her metonymic extension in the chinaberry tree.
Today, guests take their breakfast beneath the shade of an old chinaberry tree that sprawls in front of Cody's old cottage.
A tall chinaberry tree showers fragrance and purple blooms in the spring.
In Chinaberry Tree and especially in There is Confusion she answered Stribling, affirming the similarity, not a total identity, between African Americans and Caucasians, and their wide potential, a conservative ideal of women's function in society, and a moderate but firm attack on the havoc wrought on both sides of the fence by racial discrimination.