china stone

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a fine usually white clay formed by the weathering of aluminous minerals (as feldspar)

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He tells me in an email: 'It may seem to be, but how wrong you are Glyn Ceiriog and the valley beyond were desecrated by industry from the mid 1700s to the 1950s by local rich promoters and investors from London, all looking to make a fortune out of the mineral wealth of the valley - slate, granite, silica, china stone, flannel mills, etc.
An original combination of Cornish china clay, china stone, ground flint and Devon ball clay, creamware was cheap to produce, elegant and simple in style, and would not crack when introduced to boiling water.
Based on adoption of the global uniform industry classification standard - ISIC, the report enables you to make a direct comparison of China stone, sand & clay quarrying industry with parallel industry in other countries;
In turn, Head of China Stone Association, hailed the boosting of ties between the two countries?
It is made up from a mixture of china clay (kaolin) and a ground feldspar mineral called china stone or petuntse, allowing it to be fired at 1,400infinityC.
The next step is to use the chosen kaolin and repeat the process above varying the felspars that are available, for example: potash, soda and China stone and so forth.
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