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a fine usually white clay formed by the weathering of aluminous minerals (as feldspar)

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Bentonite, Fuller's earth, China clay and Zeolite for removal of COD and BOD from textile wastewater.
She has been working with stoneware, China clay, hair and rubber, with film and voices.
5km of paths over the former China Clay works in Cornwall, linking communities and visitors, and providing car-free access to the Eden Project (AR August 2001).
The China Clay project features ten sequential lessons on clay for kindergarten students based on Chinese history, culture, and geography.
With elementary monochrome geometrical shapes painted on the raw plywood in gestural strokes of china clay and river mud, these works are at once refined and raw.
On retiring from the Police in 1968, he joined the English China Clay Company in Plymouth as a transport supervisor for ten years.
These are Cornwall's china clay pits, an age-old industry that
NIGEL POPE, a china clay refiner from St Austell, Cornwall, has won a Shakespeare de-luxe rod pod in our fair-for-all prize draw.
Or there's the peony-centred Anticipation, white China Clay, or lavender-tinted Waterlily.
The new products include Tom Kitten alcohol-free cologne and 2-in-1 baby wash and shampoo in addition to La Source At-Home Spa Relaxing Body Silk and China Clay mask.
In the run-up to the opening of Eden - built in a 60ft deep disused china clay pit near St Austell - a number of farmers in the locality said it should not open yet because of foot-and-mouth.
The river Fal in Cornwall, South-West England, fell victim on April 5 to a huge accidental spill of china clay sludge.
English China Clays International (ECCI) is the world's leading china clay (kaolin) company, extracting and processing china clay for the paper and ceramic industries worldwide.
Archer has served roles in the community such as the President of Georgia Mining Foundation and Executive Director of the China Clay Producers Association, Twin City Country Club, and Washington County Chamber of Commerce.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of China Clay At Central Jail Naini/Agra
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