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2-7 FEATURES THE stars of ITV's Loose Women sit down for a chin-wag - they'd probably still be talking had the batteries on our dictaphone not run out.
She was sat with Kessler afterwards having a good chin-wag.
Just when you thought it was safe to move on towards the Cyprus Mail where he planned to meet with staff for a chin-wag and some light lunch, the Heraclis Ice-cream parlour owner called out to the Turkish Cypriot politician, inviting him to sit down for a free scoop of the soft stuff.
THE problem with many long-term relationships is that chin-wag starts to lag.
Well, you won't catch Chancellor Brown turning round at Heathrow, like the luckless Denis Healey en route for an international chin-wag, because the crisis demands his instant presence at home.
After spending half an hour having a lovely chin-wag with chief judge Len Goodman, I can't help thinking the Strictly contestants have all missed a trick.
30pm BBC One) NOW here's a meeting we never thought we'd see: Kat, Stacey and Janine (right) having a cosy chin-wag in a prison visiting room.
It sounds like good advice, but almost immediately, Gabriel regrets taking it, because Michael's reason for seeing him isn't down to needing an old-fashioned chin-wag - and they come to blows.
These are happy memories for the majority of our residents and they really enjoy a good chin-wag which gets the memories flowing
STAFF: Relaxed and friendly, the staff here are equally as happy to offer simple service with a smile or have a good chin-wag.
Once he'd finished talking goal-scoring with ex AC Milan poacher George Weah, and dancing with Michael Jackson, he'd settle down for a chin-wag with God.
I had a good chin-wag with amiable Irishman JP Fitzgerald (Rory McIlroy's caddie), then Mick Fitzgerald (the legendary jockey), then I wondered if I could find another famous Fitzgerald to complete an incredible hat-trick.
There are 13 of us doing it and we had a good chin-wag all the way round.
Last week he strode into North Korea, enjoying a cosy chin-wag with dictator Kim Jong-il, whose people are brainwashed into believing his mountainside birth was prophesied by a swooping swallow, a rainbow over the mountain, and a new star in the heavens.