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an arm exercise performed by pulling yourself up on a horizontal bar until your chin is level with the bar


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In one scene there is a chin-up contest that put Arcand's long-time weightlifting training to the test.
Another way to strengthen these muscles is to have a parent help lift you up over one of the bars while you are doing chin-ups.
I remember pushing myself to perform the required number of sit-ups and chin-ups in hopes to earning the coveted Presidential Physical Fitness Award.
It features six stations spread out around the park, with a range of work-outs focusing on strength, balance and cardiovascular exercise with exercises such as chin-ups, sit-ups and dips.
Photos posted on the internet showed tiny gymnasts weeping silently as they endured torturous stretching exercises, children being made to do handstands for 30 minutes at a time to improve balance and endurance and seven-year-old swimmers forced to do 20 chin-ups, a task beyond most fit adults," the paper added.
Itmay take three months formy ankle to be fully healed and doing chin-ups with a cast on your foot is not comfortable but the key is to be stronger for next year.
For example, the guy doing chin-ups would probably be able to do that with weights between his legs.
Comedian Harry Hill narrates a special family edition of the show including a hamster doing chin-ups.
If you see Andy do a flat out 400m, that's pretty impressive and the other day he did a set of five chin-ups with 20kg discs hanging off him.
You've got to see me in the gym - I was doing chin-ups with a 20kg weight attached to me a week ago," he said yesterday.
Murray, bidding to become the first Briton to lift the men's singles crown for 72 years, said: "I do a lot of chin-ups.
Bodyweight Chin-ups -- 15 reps (even if done in an all-negative, or lowering only, manner)
Mellon executes chin-ups and treads a balance beam, but he just doesn't exude the larger-than-life quality that brought us the Greatest Show on Earth.
Personally, I'm all for Posh doing a few extra chin-ups, as long as she doesn't chin ME the next time she sees me.