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VITAL MEETING PLACE The flat at Wyndley House, Montagu Estate, Kenton HAVING A CHIN WAG Residents Josephine Powell, 85, and Nancy Nichols, 90, enjoying a cuppa
Below left, Huw Rhys goes through notes with the rest of the cast prior to the dress rehearsal SITTING IN: Director John McGrath goes through notes with his cast prior to the show's dress rehearsal CHIN WAG: Actresses Amy Starling, left, and Siwan Morris chat as they get ready for the dress rehearsal BACKSTAGE ACTION: Above left, Angharad Jones makes sure all runs smoothly with the props, while above right, wardrobe supervisor Allie Saunders makes a few changes to a piece of costume as the dress rehearsal commences MIRROR, MIRROR: Huw Rhys checks his costume
TODAY'S TOP TIPS AYR: 2.10 Pedregal, 2.40 Layla's Boy, 3.10 Chin Wag, 3.40 Ibrox, 4.10 Tom Tower, 4.40 Royal Destination, 5.10 Toy Top.
Trained by Richard Fahey and ridden by Barry McHugh, the Malton raider out battled Chin Wag to get home by three quarters of a length.
As leaders from our major developed countries (each with a sizeable entourage of assorted bag carriers, pen pushers and other flunkies - not forgetting their very own media posse) flew to a Japanese island for their chin wag, critics questioned the purpose of their journey.
Saturday, during the day, several met up again for an afternoon jar and a chin wag - while their women folk went shopping in the Gunwharf shopping complex - and this seemed to drift on into the evening.
MY son Young Frankenstein and were discussing Freudian analysis and the sky-high price of a poke of chips the other day when our good friend Dr Gillian McKeith dropped in for a chin wag .
Big Daddy Tony Blair has had his much publicised chin wag with his cabinet ministers and senior members of the security services.
But a lengthy chin wag with Derry City boss Peter Hutton helped make up his mind that Foyleside was the place to be.
I would have to invite Edna for tea, too, and she and Elizabeth could have a good old chin wag about their very different lives.
We have two wonderful open-topped Corporation buses in view, one with a roof, a Midland Red single-decker bus, an attractive selection of relatively early motor cars, a white-coated policemen, bicycles, a motorbike with a side-car, a horse-driven wagon in the foreground with the tradesman wearing an apron and a couple of chaps having a chin wag next to the statue of Sir Robert Peel, now sited outside the Police Training Centre on the Pershore Road.
There used to be several pit ponies in the next field who I used to chin wag with.
Whatever ailed her it wasn't affecting her tongue or her sense of humour so we had a rare auld chin wag and I told her when I was leaving that she'd better be okay by Tuesday, or else...
NAOMI MATTHEW: 1.45 Mosa Mine, 2.20 Midnight Martini, 2.55 Kildare Sun, 3.30 Ilie Nastase, 4.05 Prowl, 4.40 Secret Ploy, 5.15 Chin Wag.
Redcar 2.05 Senor Berti, 2.40 Chin Wag, 3.20 Ancient Cross, 3.55 King Fingal, 5.05 Little Jimbob, 5.40 Buzbury Rings.