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MY son Young Frankenstein and were discussing Freudian analysis and the sky-high price of a poke of chips the other day when our good friend Dr Gillian McKeith dropped in for a chin wag .
Big Daddy Tony Blair has had his much publicised chin wag with his cabinet ministers and senior members of the security services.
I would have to invite Edna for tea, too, and she and Elizabeth could have a good old chin wag about their very different lives.
We have two wonderful open-topped Corporation buses in view, one with a roof, a Midland Red single-decker bus, an attractive selection of relatively early motor cars, a white-coated policemen, bicycles, a motorbike with a side-car, a horse-driven wagon in the foreground with the tradesman wearing an apron and a couple of chaps having a chin wag next to the statue of Sir Robert Peel, now sited outside the Police Training Centre on the Pershore Road.
There used to be several pit ponies in the next field who I used to chin wag with.
Whatever ailed her it wasn't affecting her tongue or her sense of humour so we had a rare auld chin wag and I told her when I was leaving that she'd better be okay by Tuesday, or else.
Instead of interviewing the Edge of Love actress, DJ Christian O'Connell chose to chin wag with the music mogul.
Trained by Richard Fahey and ridden by Barry McHugh, the Malton raider out battled Chin Wag to get home by three quarters of a length.
The two-dimensional characters have an annoying habit of addressing one another by name as they chin wag, even when they are the only people in the scene.
WE'RE IN STITCHES: Club founder Jayne Rusby (front) celebrates the first anniversary of the club with members (AC200208Dknit); KNIT-CHAT: Annie Beech (left) and Ruth Gamble enjoy a chin wag (AC200208Dknit)
An insider revealed: "Frank and Bono had a good chin wag and Bono was singing Dublin's praises.
It makes these facilities available to the community and encourages people to come together, to enjoy the churches and enjoy a pint over in the pub and have a chin wag.
n BEFORE hostilities commence there will be time for Wales coaches of past and present to catch up, enjoy a chin wag and more importantly quaff a few bottles of red wine.
According to a new poll, the Heaton-born popstar is the celebrity that Tyneside ladies would most want to share a chin wag with.
IF Sarah Brown wants a chin wag with her friend it should not be at the taxpayers' expense (People last week).