chin up

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raise oneself while hanging from one's hands until one's chin is level with the support bar

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"We're intending going to Chin Up's holiday home soon but Emily has not been well enough yet.
Before he enters any room he does five chin ups. If nothing else the rumour will give McGeeney himself something to smile about.
Do pull ups, chin ups and dead hangs (just hanging on a bar), or pull something heavy with a rope attached to it.
This has well and truly changed, It's no longer unusual to see a woman over 50 performing chin ups, dead lifting or putting a barbell on their shoulders.
The disciplines to be contested during the prime activity include push ups, chin ups, sit ups and combat efficiency test.
"Someone with a bad knee wouldn't squat, they alter their exercises, me with a shoulder, I wouldn't do chin ups, simple things like that."
Offering the combination of its innovative, patented design, advanced functionality and ability to accommodate full body-weight exercises like chin ups, pulls ups and dips, the Human TrainerA has been featured in a variety of fitness publications, endorsed by world class athletes and fitness models, and approved by allied health professionals, coaches and trainers as one of the most versatile and effective portable functional training tools.
WORKING OUT: Martin Aspinwall pumps iron while (top right) Josh Griffin struggles with chin ups as they bid to match the likes of Shaun Lunt and Keith Mason