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a strap attached to a hat

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Give your helmet the wiggle check to ensure the chin strap has not loosened over time.
This chin strap was attached to a pair of ear muffs by elastic side straps.
1 of the ICC code of conduct when it was observed that he had a manufacturer's logo on the chin strap of his helmet during the fourth day's play in the first Test between Australia and India, News.
8220;What I learned was that sporting good firms are re-engineering the whole helmet to better protect athletes—except for the chin strap fasteners.
It has a chin strap to keep it in place and mounts for head-mountable equipment such as work lights and cameras.
The key to keeping the headgear in place, Farr said, lies with the chin strap, starting with the proper chin cup, and then with the way the strap snaps to the helmet at all four points.
And for those children who refuse to keep their hat on, there's also the added benefit of a Velcro chin strap to secure the hat in place
During phase one, the most important thing the sensors do is provide us with data that will help us improve our soldier protection equipment, such as the chin strap and pad and suspension system.
Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech was deemed fit enough to play, albeit with a chin strap added to his regular head guard to cover the 50 stitches put in following a training ground accident.
Independent health and safety advice concerning the leather chin strap shows that it affords no protection with respect to the wearing of the helmet, it is only the webbing chin strap with offers this protection.
Cech, still playing with a chin strap to protect scar tissue following the removal of 50 stitches in a facial wound, twice denied Fernando Torres as well as Steven Gerrard to ensure Chelsea's Moscow dreams remain very much alive.
Cech, still playing with a chin strap to protect a facial wound, twice denied Fernando Torres as well as Steven Gerrard.
o Chin strap is available and may prevent mouth leaks o INCA is available in complete sets as well as replacement sets.
The stiff peaked hat is available in two designs, the classic cream canvas made from pre shrunk canvas with a wide stiffened brim, ventilation eyelets and adjustable chin cord and technical Quick Dry with UPF 50+ in Navy Blue also with reinforced brim, non corrosive ventilation eyelets and easy adjustable chin strap.