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a rest on which a violinist can place the chin

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1-3/4" x 3" x 3" pine board (cut gusset at desired angel for chin rest support)
Chin rest allergy may produce findings similar to those in fiddler's neck.
Haustein UF: Violin chin rest eczema due to east-indian rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia ROXB).
I also use alpine spruce for the top of the instrument, ebony for the fingerboard and balsa wood for the chin rest and pegs.
It's in good condition with only a minor twist to the scroll, some minor splitting under the chin rest and warping of the finger board.
For example the cello sits firmly on the floor with no spike and the violins have no chin rest.
The ergonomic, streamlined design of the CF-1 achieves improved operation by motorizing procedures usually performed by hand, such as changing filters and adjusting the chin rest.
A pair of headsets cover his ears and his chin rest in his hands as he stares intently ahead.
The rear seats have vertical backs and are almost at floor level so your head is pushed forward and your chin rests on your knees.
Loosen the shoulders and lean your head back for two seconds before allowing it to fall forward so that the chin rests on your chest.
Selena is embracing the Canadian star from behind while her chin rests comfortably on his shoulder.
Mr Thomas Youk's chin rests on his chest as the drug flows into his arm.
Her chin rests upon her folded hands, her elbows leaning on the table before her.