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idle or foolish and irrelevant talk

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Twenty one runs for the first wicket not an ideal scenario for England, but Bopara weathered some early chin music to help Strauss steady the ship.
It is always quite attacking cricket, there is always a bit of chin music, there is plenty to see and that is why we always look forward to playing the game here.
After the pseudo-performance-art that was the YouTube Democratic Presidential debate, Republican Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani aren't gung-ho about their own upcoming YouTube-sponsored debate, as the idea of getting some hard and nasty chin music thrown at them by exasperated voters 7/8 you know, the people they ostensibly want to serve 7/8 is a lot less desirable than the softball lobs they get from so-called reporters.
Lancashire fast bowler Mahmood, 24, is the elder cousin of teenage boxing sensation Amir Khan and is keen to dish out some chin music of his own.
Bruce Rutledge is the founder of Chin Music Press of Seattle http://www.
Consequently, his survey work with the Museum contributed greatly to the mapping of Canada's musical heritage: Newfoundland chin music, Scots fiddling from Cape Breton, Cree hand-game songs, Blood folktales, Doukhobor traditional choral singing, Ukrainian Christmas Carols, Mennonite folksongs, Okinawan-Japanese songs accompanied by shamisen, and Chinese vocal and instrumental music.
Ross Bauer's Chin Music appeals, in part, because of the continuing interaction of the viola and the piano: each instrument plays off the other's tones in a dialogue that develops throughout the piece.
Johnson's chin music will be complimented by Rishi Dhawan, who was the highest wicket-taker in the Ranji Trophy last season for Himachal Pradesh.
One little slip, one sweaty palm, one ill-timed flick of the wrist can mean the difference between some harmless chin music that can back off a hitter, and a whistling pellet that can end a career -- or worse.
Bairstow's 38 runs in three completed innings against the Windies contained snapshots of his potential - but England cannot afford to wait for him to move his feet in time with the chin music when Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel and Vernon Philander are around.
23 (ANI): Australian left-arm fast bowler Mitchell Johnson has promised to subject England cricket captain Andrew Strauss to some chin music during the first Test that is to be played at the Gabba here from November 25.
It's always attacking cricket, there's always a bit of chin music, and that's why we always look forward to playing here.
Kitts on Wednesday without the need for reggae in the background as Tait serves up a bit of chin music, calypso style.
His publishing house in Seattle, Chin Music Press, has just published its first book, Kuhaku & Other Accounts from Japan, a collection of essays by Japanese and Western writers that takes the armchair traveler past the temples and tourist sites and into the mind of Japan.