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The attacks primarily occurred when smaller parties of chimpanzees went "on patrol" into the territory of neighbouring chimpanzee communities.
In the case of the chimps, though, there's something that people right here can do to help, and a couple of local businesses are teaming up on Friday to further the cause, putting on a fundraiser to support In Defense of Animals-Africa, which runs the Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center, a sanctuary in Cameroon founded by Beaverton resident Sheri Speede.
In just 47 years, she said, the chimpanzee population has shrunk: from a million to 200,000.
It is a heartbreaker, based on the true story of Lucy, a chimpanzee raised in a loving human family, who communicated using sign language.
The jump of a virus from a chimpanzee to humans probably occurred in that region.
A team of international researchers has found a larger difference in the male-defining Y chromosomes of a human and a chimpanzee than previously thought.
A Chimp in the Family is the true story of an ecologist and conservationist who took an infant chimpanzee into his home when she was abandoned by her mother.
And it is in Africa where a common ancestor sired not only the line that resulted in today's chimpanzee but human beings--7.
HIV-AIDS did not come from oral polio vaccine contaminated with chimpanzee virus, reports a research team led by Michael Worobey, an assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona in Tucson.
And while extinction may not be quite as imminent for the other three chimpanzee sub-species, they are still projected to disappear within 41 to 53 years, at their current rate of decline.
She searches for the "F" family of chimps made famous by her books, TV shows, and films, hoping to find Gremlin, the mother of the only two surviving chimpanzee twins in Gombe.
95), books based around a young chimpanzee growing up in the African forest.
When we talk about extinction in 15 years it doesn't mean every chimpanzee will be gone.
CRAIG MOD (The Other Side of the Coin, page 20) was inadvertently made to appear like a chimpanzee in the August issue of J@pan Inc.
Their intent is to understand the mechanisms that account for all of chimpanzee behaviour, to better understand each population and explain how it is that behaviour is different in different populations.