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The chimps lived at Twycross Zoo, near Nuneaton, and were looked after by Molly Badham.
Twycross Zoo chief executive officer Sharon Redrobe, who has contributed to the programme, has told the Birmingham Mail how zoo founders Molly Badham and Nathalie Evans moved swiftly to stop any more of their chimps being used in TV commercials, as soon as they realised the damage being caused.
The scientists followed and filmed communities of chimps in the rainforests of Uganda, and examined more than 5000 incidents of meaningful exchanges.
Let's consider three possibilities regarding relative evolutionary rates between the human and chimp lineages since they diverged from their common ancestor (Figure 2).
It is the first time anyone has closely observed the behaviour of chimps faced with a natural death.
Warneken and colleagues worked with adult chimps that live on a protected island in the African country of Uganda.
One option allowed a chimp only to serve itself with food.
When the chimp pulls out the stem, it's covered with tasty termites.
The oversized runaway chimp went to the nearby house of the zoo proprietor Mr Rogers and smashed in the door with Herculean strength, then ran to the room of his closest friend, Mrs Wardle, in a highly agitated state.
A Chimp in the Family is the true story of an ecologist and conservationist who took an infant chimpanzee into his home when she was abandoned by her mother.
Statistics indicate that the chimp population in Uganda has been reduced to 5,000 from 100,000 in 1900.
a very sick and injured baby chimp, was brought to them by a game ranger.
Soon aging chimpanzees will have plenty of trees to swing from at Chimp Haven, a $24 million sanctuary (protected place) in Shreveport, Louisiana.