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I don't mean this as a criticism of Chimp Haven, but we uprooted them, took them from their family groups, we moved them cross country, we put them in unfamiliar settings with caregivers who didn't know them, and four died," Abee said.
Chimps were the masses in the equation, while the forces consisted of attraction to food and repulsion from other chimps.
For years Britain chuckled at the antics of the adorable PG Tips chimps as they struggled to shift pianos or ride bicycles before relaxing with a refreshing cuppa.
Now the plight of the PG Tips chimps is being featured in a Channel 5 documentary.
She said: "That's what's so amazing about chimp gestures.
Louis-based Fat Chimp Studios is a full-service creative digital media company specializing in business video production with additional services including audio, web design, graphics and animation.
For brain-related traits and genes, human DNA has generally shown more evolutionary change than chimp DNA.
The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary: A Canadian Story of Resilience and Recovery
After the death, there followed a period of "mourning", during which the chimps remained quiet and subdued and avoided the sleeping spot where the death occurred.
After the death there followed a period of "mourning", during which the chimps were quiet and avoided the sleeping spot where the death occurred.
In the first animal experiment, a person tried to reach through the bars of an enclosure to grab a stick while a chimp watched from the room next door.
A chimpanzee named Teresa at the Chimp Haven sanctuary near Shreveport, La.
The cover showing a chimp in a business suit is cute but is problematic from an evolutionary point of view.
Countdown with the little chimps as they boogie into the night, but watch out--Mama chimp is on her way