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Synonyms for chimneysweep

someone who cleans soot from chimneys

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Martin Gabanski, aka Martin the ChimneySweep, has been cleaning chimneys for 26 years.
She quickly wins over the children and they join her on a series of escapades, along with singing chimneysweep Bert (Dick Van Dyke).
Within a year of the publication of Kingsley's tale about a young boy who labours for a cruel chimneysweep, parliament had banned the widespread practice of pushing small boys up chimneys to do this filthy and dangerous work.
It beat the much-mocked performance of Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins with his laboured cockney chimneysweep.
It even beat the "cockney" accent of Dick Van Dyke playing a chimneysweep in Mary Poppins.
later have been associated with chimneysweeps via an already established
Here again is a magical woman, a witch, dressed in black, like a widow; appropriately, her boyfriend is also a witch of sorts, having the "luck" of the chimneysweeps.
chimneysweeps, pawnbrokers, hackney carriages, ferries, wharfs,
I mean, what case would provide the next tenuous East End link for Rupert Penry-Jones' OCD-suffering copper and his team - tackling a resurgence of cholera perhaps, homicidal chimneysweeps, or how about a giant killer jellied eel rampaging through Brick Lane?
Old contrivers, daydreamers, walking chemistry sets, Exhausted chimneysweeps of the spaces Between words, where the Holy Ghost tastes just Like the dust it is made of, Let's tear up our lecture notes & throw them out The window.
Perhaps they'd be called upon to tackle a gang of homicidal chimneysweeps menacing Bromley-by-Bow with their extendable brushes, or a resurgence of cholera around Bethnal Green?
While the rest of us have to make do without the help of tiny, tubercular chimneysweeps, arrogant tennis pros can still employ kids to collect their misdirected serves and volleys.
In any case, chimneysweeps, bargemen, and draymen, for example, do not leave Bloom with an optimistic picture for career moves or for opportunities to canvass ads.