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the part of the chimney that is above the roof

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They will also describe things that they saw but didn't understand--for example, several witnesses to the Chicago fire mentioned a puff of white "smoke" from the base of the chimneystack.
A most unusual luncheon was given at the top of a tall chimneystack in Coventry.
Experts date its earliest parts to around 1480 when the timber-framed structure centred on a huge central chimneystack.
The building features a hipped natural slate roof with red brick chimneystacks.
The chimneystacks of the houses, the broken-down walls, picturesquely reminiscent of the Rhine and the Coliseum, were strung out, hiding each other, through the burnt quarters.
Frank watched the outline of chimneystacks sharpen and the tangle of rail lines sparkle like newly spun webs.
Sainsbury's Home Insurance estimates one in five roofs require maintenance, while the Association of British Insurers reckons five million chimneystacks need repairs.
Professionals and amateurs alike find the par three 18th across a lake and uphill towards the ancient chimneystacks daunting and memorable.
The row of houses beyond also fits in with the view in the old photograph, with five chimneystacks and a street (Brompton Road) separating the first and second chimneys and then the park beyond.
We have also included copies of plans and leases, photographs of former collieries and an aerial photograph of the massive Haunchwood Brick and Tile factory, showing its many chimneystacks, buildings, railway lines and shunting yards.
Brickwork that is very wet will split apart when the frosts come, so the more we can protect the tops of the chimneystacks the safer they will be.
He's say, "Think of yourself as one of those big chimneystacks.
Chimneystacks - use the same brick when carrying out repairs Slate roofs - modern concrete tiles can weigh up to twice as much as slates Wall surface - be careful with repointing and aware that using paint on brickwork prevents it from 'breathing' and often results in the paint peeling off
This original 16th century wing displays upmarket close studwork, attractive herringbone and diamond detailing, all sitting easily next to later brick additions and still distinguished by mighty chimneystacks.
Starting from the bridge using the rooflines and chimneystacks the post card can be lined up perfectly.