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a short earthenware pipe on the top of a chimney to increase the draft

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Police were called to coax Stephen down from his madcap chimneypot protest.
And both have fantastic coloured ceramic finials and chimneypots worthy of comparison with those of Antoni Gaudi (Fig.
16) And a memorable poem from Pictures of a World Gone By begins: "Away above a harborful / of caulkless houses / among the charley noble chimneypots / of rooftop rigged with clotheslines.
A few days ago as I was walking in the early morning along the bank of the Hudson River, I heard the most beautiful chirruping and warbling, as sweet as the songs of the merle on the chimneypots in Paris and more intricately woven than the composition of a nightingale in the thickets of a gulch in Catalonia.
Avila's buildings are beautifully preserved, with storks nesting on chimneypots.
When one looks up to refresh one's eye with a view of the Georgian rooftops and chimneypots that make the vistas in this city so delightful, the view these days is all too likely to be intruded upon by a building crane wheeling across the sky like some genetically altered praying mantis.