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Chimney swifts feed on flying insects, so the location of the tower along the Fox River was perfect.
Charles, led the construction of a 14-foot tall chimney swift tower at Jon Duerr Forest Preserve in South Elgin for his Eagle Scout project.
8220;When we heard that the chimney swifts home was going to be knocked down to make room for an apartment complex, we decided to take action in the community to save their habitat, and hopefully rebuild their new home in a place that will benefit the entire community,” Hannah, age 11.
Prior to European settlement in the US and Canada, Chimney Swifts mainly nested on cave walls and in hollow trees in old growth forests.
8220;The kids have really shown a lot of passion, reaching out to the Hartland community and have established the Chimney Swift Roost Fund for donations to build a new habitat for the birds in time for their return,” said Keleen Kaye, HSCL Teacher.
The chimney swifts had come all the way from South America, from the Andes mountains in Peru
But, unlike the harmless chimney swifts, as time went on, they were thought to be dangerous -- a threat to society.
I was fascinated by the instinct of the chimney swift and delighted in hearing Damian talk about them.
A few chimney swifts have found their way down our chimney as well.
Above us, chimney swifts and tree swallows pursue insects like fighter pilots in a dogfight.