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Synonyms for chimney

a vertical flue that provides a path through which smoke from a fire is carried away through the wall or roof of a building

a glass flue surrounding the wick of an oil lamp

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Since that time, Cheryl Lucas, a well-known ceramics artist working in Lyttelton, has adapted her making skills to enable the hand production of roof finials, decorative tiles, bricks and chimney pots to replace originals lost from some of the city's heritage buildings.
The chimney stack that served the fireplace was a combined one in the centre of the ridge with four chimney pots, two for each of the semis.
has sold two lustre(R) digital grading and colour correction systems in Norway to The Chimney Pot and Drylab.
Dad-of-two Huntley, from Bromsgrove, was carrying out repair work on three chimney pots at the Bearwood home when he discovered the mum and babies nesting in one of them.
Try planting a chimney pot or old belfast sink with bright flowers, or hang a couple of antique enamel advertising signs on a wall for an instant injection of vintage style.
Strange things begin to happen--sounds, missing house cats, scary paranormal nail-poppings, a falling chimney pot that injures one of the workers.
In addition, it also highlighted EUR15 million in major orders from broadcast, television, and film-production leaders worldwide, including McGraw-Hill Broadcasting and Turner Entertainment Networks in the Americas; Mediendorf Netzwerk GmbH (The Netherlands), Bundesbaugesellschaft, IWF, and Optix (Germany), and Chimney Pot (Poland) in Europe; and Prime Focus (India) and Perkasa (Indonesia) in the Pacific.
This smashed into another which then fell in turn, badly damaging three roofs and causing bricks and a chimney pot to fall out into the road where a pedestrian passed just seconds later.
He also explores how people identified different types of criminals, how the invention of the chimney pot revolutionised the country and how Queen Elizabeth's spy network covered eight countries.
Santa finds the chimney tall; parks his sleigh against the wall, Dropping down the chimney pot, to find the hanging Christmas sock.
His hoard included a steam engine's brass plate and whistle, locomotive chimney pot, restaurant car cutlery, cap badges, signalmen's uniforms, stationmaster's desk, carriage door locks, ticket collectors' punches, timetables and station signs - including one for the gents.
Now an ambitious pounds 30million redevelopment project called Chimney Pot Park will see these traditional homes revamped for new owners - and the regeneration is being seen as a possible blueprint of how to save other homes threatened with demolition under plans by Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott.
n "He got a chimney pot and put it on his head making him look like Ned Kelly.
The Chimney Pot AB reports a net turnover of MSEK 35.
Mr Jones had encountered a blockage of the chimney while sweeping, but he did not check to see if his brush cleared the chimney pot which would have indicated it had been cleared.