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Synonyms for chime

Synonyms for chime

to give forth or cause to give forth a clear, resonant sound

to be compatible or in correspondence

chime in: to interject remarks or questions into another's discourse

Synonyms for chime

a percussion instrument consisting of a set of tuned bells that are struck with a hammer

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There was also live music from the Hand Chimers and the junior section of Hepworth Brass Band played a selection of Christmas favourites.
Stasia's family would like to extend a sincere "Thank You" to the nursing staff, especially the nurses aides, who made their Mother feel so very special, also the Quabaug Chimers and the Activity Girls.
The Brimfield Bells, a 2-1/2-octave handbell choir based at the First Congregational Church of Brimfield, recently took part in a special music exchange with the Quaboag Chimers at Quaboag on the Common in West Brookfield.
Thanks to the support from the Center for Biotechnology for this project, we are able to extend our uses of the company's unique plant chimers into new commercial markets that have been heretofore inaccessible for DNA markings.
HP venture financing provides qualified customers in the Internet and e-services space with financing to oded in return for warrants with debt, convertibplace," said Bernie Schneider, president and chimers focus on their core businesses, leaving the planning, implementation and management to us.